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M Tell me I shouldn't buy delicate binoculars without insurance? Fine I won't buy them then


Many years ago I had some hospitality tickets for F1 at Silverstone (I think it was the year Hamilton won his first season)

I decide to get some binoculars to take with me, so I go to the local Jessops and talk to a very nice sales lady, who seems genuinely excited at the idea of going to F1 at Silverstone, she suggests some binoculars and I get my wallet out.

At which point sales guy comes bounding over, pushes sales lady out of the way, grabs the binoculars I was going to buy from her, and asks what I am thinking of using them for. Barely lets me answer as he grabs some that me and sales lady had already discounted (because they were twice as much) and suggests that they would be a much better option.

Mildly irritated at this point - I was enjoying chatting to sales lady - I list some of the reasons that she told me they weren't a good fit. Sales guy rolls his eyes, says she just a trainee, and the expensive ones are really the ones I want. Eventually it takes quite a stern no, to stop him trying to upsell me.

At this point I really just want to walk out the shop, but I suffer from the occasionally debilitating condition of being English, and that kind of embarrassment is just too much to take. Instead I'll buy them, and go home fantasising about all of the cool things I should have said.

So card in hand, I'm just about to pay and he asks about whether I want insurance. "no, just that thanks"

"You really should have insurance, they are very delicate, it doesn't take much to knock a lense out of alignment"

"no, its fine, just the binoculars please"

"You probably shouldn't buy them without the insurance"

Finally given a way out, I nod and agree, and he runs out the back to get the paperwork for the insurance. He comes back and asks me for my name 'for the insurance'

"oh no, sorry, I was agreeing with you that I shouldn't buy them, not if they are that delicate. I'm quite clumsy, so I'd definitely break them"

He tries to backtrack on some of the ones that Sales Lady had suggested, saying that they would actually be perfect for me. I reminded him he said they weren't very good.

Then I thanked him for helping me see that I really didn't need to spend all of that money on binoculars, and walked out.

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L Disregard my three decades of expertise? Fine, I get paid the same.


For just about the last three decades, I (58m) have been designing software. I've gotten pretty decent at it, too. There are of course challenges, like insane business requirements, or ridiculous deliverable timelines, or micromanaging product owners, or the ever-popular design-by-committee; but the worst, and I mean WORST, is that everybody who uses software thinks they know how to design it. (Spoiler alert: they do not.) There are design rules. There are best practices. There are laws. There are nuances to accessibility and localization. There are technical constraints. Try to explain that to a stakeholder who can barely spell HTML and thinks they're a wiz with MS Paint, and savor the empty stare and vacant eyes. But hey - they've worked there for years, so they know best!

Well. A few years ago, I took a gig at a small software company with a complex and well-established, if antiquated, niche software product. They wanted to modernize it and bring it to the web. Excellent - just what I specialize in. I settled in for a few months of learning the software, the customers and their needs, and the industry it served. All was hunky-dory while I was off on Research Island, but the time came to start putting actual proposals together and doing some testing. This is where the real fun started.

The team leader I was assigned to was a mediocre dev who'd failed upward into management, and argued with every damn thing I said or proposed. No, Bert, the buttons should NOT all be scattered randomly on the page. Yes, Bert, colors do actually need to be consistent and mean something. No, Bert, you shouldn't create a new custom widget to replace a well-established HTML control because you didn't like the thickness of a line. And so on. And because dealing with this yutz wasn't enough of a challenge, the business dev guy they threw at the team demanded that we create all specs and design artifacts during daily 5-hour workshop meetings, where everybody could have a say about everything. In Elmo's view, nobody would be above anyone else with their annoying "skills" or "knowledge" about anything. No, we would all talk it out, and hey, remember kids, there are no wrong answers! As a bonus we'll hold a vote on every decision, because yeah, your uninformed opinion is just as valid as my three decades of experience. Design patterns which would normally take me about an hour of wireframing took five people a full week, and the "design" they settled on sucked wet farts out of dead pigeons. Trying to tell the team that I could generate some examples they could then take and adjust went over about as you'd expect: not at all.

The cherry on this crap sundae was the dev they brought in to prototype the thing. In a final attempt to help move things forward, I slapped together a very quick wireframe mockup in HTML, which sent Ernie the dev into paroxysms of fury. How dare I invade his domain and create any code? That was HIS job. He demanded that he was the expert, and I should let him take care of everything. For reference: he'd found Google's Material Design site and did a copypasta of their generic framework. Zero customization, zero color, zero personality. It was like selling a house with drywall installed, but no finish. As expected, his work was shit, and any feedback or suggestions, no matter how politely framed, were met with not only scorn and derision, but anger at my temerity to question his skillz, meager as they were.

By now, not only was I a trouble-making elitist who thought I could do a better job than the team (gasp - I could), but now I was a complainer. Middle manager Bert went and whined to his boss, who called me on the carpet for 15 minutes just as I was on my way out the door one Friday. I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, but apparently I wasn't a "team player". I was instructed to only provide input when asked. Period.

Malicious compliance incoming.

I sat in meetings for hours, watching the clownshow and counting down to lunchtime. Nobody asked my opinion, so nobody received my opinion. Questions to me were few and far between, and my replies were as neutral and generic as I could make them. At the end of the week, I started getting uninvited to the workshop meetings. Since that was my only deliverable, I sat at my desk with nothing else to do. At all. After all, I wasn't supposed to do anything without being asked.

After about two weeks of this, I figured I'd cover my ass a little, and asked Bert's boss if there were any changes in his instructions. There were not - apparently I was doing exactly what they wanted. So, back to my desk and more hours of waiting to go home. I didn't think this would go on forever... after all, the executive team who hired me into this role knew for a fact they needed my expertise, their customers informed them almost daily of how outdated the software was. So I sat and did online training and read professional journals and surfed Reddit on my phone, all while watching the frantic pace of ready-for-the-dumpster software being developed all around me. And sat. And waited.

For three months.

These idiots actually paid me to sit on my hands for more than three months. Now, although these clowns were utterly incompetent, the people who ran the company weren't. At some point, they were going to discover what a garbage pile their minions were carefully splooging together, and somebody was going to be blamed. Pretty obvious that the guy who hadn't participated for a quarter year would be the designated scapegoat, so I found another position and bailed before they managed to pull their head out of their asses long enough to find somebody to fire. As I was strolling out the door, they were planning on a big release to introduce their "All new updated wonderful product!" To be launched after "all the bugs were ironed out."

It's been three years since I left. The product never launched.

To those who say, "I'd love a job where I don't have to do anything!" I'm sure for some people that would be heaven. But for me, having no purpose was a waste of life. If I'm going to spend my time on something, it's going to be something where I can make a difference. Anything else is a waste. Plus, the days draaaaaaaagged.

tl;dr: company hires design expert to update their product, but idiot co-workers sideline expert and spend months designing a project that never launched, then pay 3+ months salary for expert to train and interview for new job.

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S Jimmy johns order.


I get that it isn’t them being rude but one night of drinking downtown I stumbled into a jimmy johns, told them I forgot my wallet and asked them if I could just give them my card number for a sandwich. They refused. Being a regular customer I knew I could just call in an order.

I stepped outside staring through the window and called, they took my info and order, then proceeded to ask me where it needs to be delivered to. I said outside your shop. He looked over and I waved. I got the sandwich.

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L Lie all you like boss, but don't expect me to...


Stayin' vague cos reasons...

I used to work in manufacturing, and was part of a process engineering (PE) team. The team would create areas for members to work in with specific equipment for the job. My job was to price up and order and install the equipment. The equipment was in kit form, and every area needed a version of the kit. (Like a jigsaw, some needed a 200 piece, some needed a 1000, but it was all the same bits)

We were tasked with a new process, the PE's figured out what they wanted, and I set about pricing it all up, using what I already had, and created a order, receipt and install plan.

New process was 12 weeks away, and the stuff I needed had a 6 week lead time. No problem!

That was until the money men pulled all funding, and new directive was to install new process with zero cost. Genius.

So, at 12 weeks to go, I told all the PE's, there's gunna be no new equipment. I moved on to other tasks, abandoning all the kit work.

We have weekly meetings, where I report, every week, "well, I have no money, so no new kits!"

At 5 weeks to go, all the PE's and manufacturing teams eventually realise, they are in trouble. Without the kits, they have massive increases in their process times, and won't achieve the process.

So they all go, en masse, to the money men "we need these kits!"

After a few days, one of my bosses (I had loads) comes to me and says "got you the money! Order them kits!"

"Well, it's a bit useless to ask now" I reply "all the kit plans are from 12 weeks ago, and apart from the fact most of the PE's plans will have changed, the kits won't get here in time anyway, as its 4 weeks to go and the stuff needs to ordered 6 weeks before"

"Just order it anyway, well sort it..." he demands.

"There's no point boss! That ship has sailed, supplier won't be able to deliver"

"Right, let's go talk to the supplier"

So off we go (3 hr drive) where my boss asks the supplier "what can we do to get the kits on time?"

"Order it when OP told you to (I could've kissed him) but whatever we do now, I cannot guarantee when you will get it, so plan for 6 weeks"

I was asked to leave the room, where I assume they discussed money. I believe (not certain) the original cost I had priced up was nearly doubled.

So. Back in the office next day, with 4 weeks to go, Boss comes to me and says, "can you create a receiving plan for the kits please"

So I do, with a 6 week lead time, to arrive 2 weeks later than we need it. I show the boss.

"Change the receiving date to 4 weeks, not 6"

"But that's not correct boss?"

"Just do it, I'll lean on supplier, get it sorted"

I redo the plan, 4 week lead time, not 6. I print off a couple of copies. Give one to Boss (1), then go straight to another boss (2) and inform him of what's going on. Boss2 thanks me for the info, and follows Boss1 into a manager meeting, where sure enough, Boss1 tells everyone the kits will be here in 4 weeks. Lots of "well dones" and "good jobs" are slapped upon Boss1....

In the next 4 weeks, Boss1 rings supplier everyday, and reports back everything is peachy. Boss2 gets me to follow up daily with supplier, and it's far from peachy. They are in chaos, trying to get multiple kits together with zero prep and short lead time.

Install day arrives. Supplier has not been ready. Boss1 insists they send what they have. Boss1 feeds back there's a delay.

Upper management are furious. "Who told you that it would be ready?" Boss1 "I was just going off the receiving schedule"

Boss2 interjects, "excuse me, but my equipment guy gave me a plan that did say 6 weeks!"

Upper management "who is doing 2 different schedules?"

Boss1 "there's obviously been a mistake, I'll investigate"

UM, "Where did you get that schedule?"

Boss1 "let's take this outside this meeting and I'll fully brief you"

Anyway, So remember I said it's like a jigsaw? The first delivery, Supplier sent the corner pieces... for every kit.

Next day, the bottom edge pieces, for every kit.

The next, the top edge pieces, for every kit.

Basically, we ended up receiving a bit of every jigsaw every day.

For 2 weeks.

So 6 weeks after ordering, all the jigsaws were in, exactly like I told them they would be...

Thanks to a bit of jiggery pokery on my part, we managed (with my excellent team) to install kits daily, by using the new stuff and bastardising old stuff. I was kind of the face of the kits, so I wanted it in to save face really.

No one ever asked me about the schedules, and boss 2 tells me that the right people found out what happened. Boss1 was told that he needed to relocate to another country, or there wasn't a position for him anymore. So he basically was forced to leave our site.

I eventually had my fill too, I left soon after. Who wants to be in a job where the very thing they employ you to do, they tell you you are wrong and ignore you, then ask you to pick up the pieces of the wreckage afterwards?

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M Yes, I can speak louder.


During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a cashier in a large hardware store. Usually I worked in the building materials department. To be honest, many customers drove me crazy with the stupid things they would say and do, but I could usually muster a fake smile, and I was almost always polite. I am also often told that I am soft spoken, but this was rarely an issue and I didn't mind if I was asked to speak louder. Well, assuming they were polite, of course.

This happened on a Saturday in winter. Things were not too busy at this time, so I'd have a few customers come through occasionally. Mostly I focused on keeping coffee made for coworkers, customers and I. This department was typically pretty noisy with all the people around and power equipment being used, but it was much more quiet at this time.

At some point, I had a couple come to my desk to be checked out. They were probably in their mid 60s. They seemed like normal, polite people.

Note that the entire time I spoke with them prior to ending the transaction, I had no indication at all that either of them were unable to hear me.

I finished ringing them up. "Alright, your total is $32.42."

The woman filled out the check and handed it to me. It was for $32.22.

"Oh I'm sorry, the total is $32.42. Would you mind correcting that on your check?" I asked.

"Sure" she said, taking the check and changing a few numbers and words. She handed it back to me, and it was now good for $32.32.

After picking up the check and seeing it's still wrong, I paused for a minute because I felt like she was going to promptly flip her shit over being corrected again. If it had been cash, I wouldn't have even bothered correcting her the first time. We also weren't allowed to write on checks ourselves.

I took a breath.

"I'm sorry but the total is $32.42. Would you mind correcting the total on your check?"

The woman scoffed. "This is ridiculous! I shouldn't have to correct a check two times because I can't understand you!" she said in a shrill harpy voice. She aggressively wrote on the check. "Speak up," she growled.

I did not react to this. She finished the check and handed it to me, again. It was correct this time, so I took it and ran it through the check reader on the register. The receipt printed. I tore it off and moved to hand it to the woman.

"THANK YOU! HAVE A GREAT DAY!" I said loudly enough to almost be a yell, but not quite. The woman jumped, spooked by the sudden change in volume of my voice. Seeing this caused my polite smile to evolve into a delighted smile.

The woman's face twisted from wide-eyed shock into a pout. "Yeah, thanks for nothin'!" she snarled.

She grabbed her bag and stomped out of the store. Her bewildered husband followed her out.

Perhaps this malicious compliance is small, but it makes me smile every time I think about it.

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S Tell me to dress nicer? Tuxedo it is


I'm the manager of a small night club, and was there before opening making some repairs on plumbing. The dress code says we should be in a suit, but I wasn't wearing a suit to get all dirty. A DM walked in and jumped onto me for not wearing a suit (I had one to change into after I was done with the repairs.) I acknowledged him, and said it wouldn't happen again. A few weeks later, I got wind that he was coming again, so I rented a tuxedo with a huge, ridiculous tophat, and got a fancy looking cane, and wore my monopoly man get up throughout the whole shift. The DM didn't know what to say, and I got laughed at all night. Now, everyone calls me monopoly.

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M An Accident Report for Soreness? Ok.


I work in manufacturing and have for more than a decade. Repetitive stress injuries are really common due to the repetitive work. Shoulder and Wrist are the most commonly effected areas. But risk can be reduced with economic tools which my company is refusing to buy.

I work with trigger action drills a lot. These are really bad for your wrists and shoulders. We've complained but more ergonomic tools are slower and we must not affect production.

There are areas in my work we don't work with them often (Good Area)- so we take turns (in the Bad Area). One of my coworkers has been placed on restricted duty so he gets to skip his turn.

Couple of weeks ago, my coworker was out due to their injury so I was placed in the Bad area for an extended amount of time- taking his turn and mine. After a couple of days, my bad wrist started bothering me.

At previous employers, you'd complain to your direct supervisor, they'd send you to the nurse (on site), the nurse would restrict you to work that would not bother the injury, you'd rest and ice it in your off time and be back to full duty in a couple of days.

This is not what my current employer wanted to do. Instead, I reported it to my direct supervisor. I think he thought I was lying because no one wants to work in the bad area. He said "If it hurts that bad, you'll need to file an accident report." I said "But there is no accident to report its just a strain injury." He rebutted with "We cannot make exceptions without documentation." Ight. We filled out an accident report- put me of light duty. Extra Light Duty- it was fine, boring and I was not to use my dominant hand at all.

Saw the nurse the next day. Nurse basically tells me what I already know. It's a stress injury. There's nothing to do about it but take a Tylenol and ice it. She has me stay on light duty until I get a doctor's note to confirm her speculation.

Basically, I need a Doctor's note to say I'm fine. Because after a couple of days of light duty and not using it at all, the pain and swelling had gone away.

I felt like this all could have been avoided if my boss would have given me a little compassion and benefit of the doubt. I dont complain usually- I kind of like the bad area (pacing is good, the work is less tedious but the physical strain gets to everyone). And now I have to pay for an urgent care visit- cool.

So I go to Urgent Care and I wait 2 hours to see this poor RN who has been called in on back to the clinic after a 14-hour shift (due to an abundance of patients and poor scheduling) so he can write me a note that says "LolGobz has nothing wrong with them". I told him I thought it was stupid and a waste of his time and mine. He agreed. He wrote the note and when it was given to me it said "LolGobz is fine to be on regular duty but cannot use trigger action drills more than 8 hours a week".

Wait... what?

I can work a little more than one shift in the bad area. A week. From now on. The Visit Summary Paperwork included a small note from the RN- "If pain or swelling returns, reduction of this type of work may be needed. If you have any concerns, I can be reached at (phone number); my time is your's."

Scheduling around my coworker's injury and my doctor's note has been... tricky. My boss complains about it but he literally made me do it.

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M Malicious Banana Compliance


This was a few years ago... I worked my way through college as a produce clerk. It was a good job back then... you could actually pay for college (SJSU) on grocery wages back then.

Then the company hired a new manager, let's call him A-hole. A-hole was a tyrant. The union had agreed to a new deal with a lower wages for new hires. A-hole decided his job was to push out "old timers" being paid under the old contract. Some of these people had been working there as full-time clerks for 20-25 years. Now they were only get 16 hours a week. Complain? OK, now you are on overnight stock duty. Many of these clerks were middle aged women that had never worked stock duty and could not tolerate the physical demands - and were forced to leave.

Me, I was a college student working about 25-30 hours a week. A-hole put me and a few others on nightly stock duty at 40+ hours/week for months. Between school and work I was exhausted but could not afford to quit. Fortunately for me, another produce clerk quit and he had to move me back to the produce department.

Enter the new head of produce. Let's call him D-wad... D-wad was young, cocky and trying to tow the line with A-hole. Some bullies get power from the bigger bully behind them. D-wad would give us cr*p about silly.stuff or change compliance rules without notice. Me, I decided to keep my head down and let the bullets pass over me as much as possible.

Queue malicious banana compliance...

One day we receive our produce order with about 50 cases of bananas. That's a lot of bananas, usually we get a dozen or two cases because we all know bananas have a limited shelf life... maybe a week. We have some tricks to keep them from turning early; keep them cool and unwrapping the plastic is a good place to start as the plastic traps gases that cause them to ripen more quickly.

D-wad produce guy tells me, "I want all the bananas on the front end display." I immediately knew this was a really bad idea. That many bananas all on top of each other would cause them to bruise and ripen way too fast, but I knew not to push back - so I did exactly as he instructed.

I built a very large display right in front of the entry door with bananas stacked 4+ bunches deep. I even extended the display to accommodate more bananas. It was huge and could not be overlooked.

Re-enter A-hole... A-hole comes walking in the entrance just as I'm finishing the last two boxes... his face goes three shades of purple and he starts screaming at me (why is it OK to scream at employees in public?),

"What the. hll are doing with all those bananas??!, Do you have any idea what's going to happen??..(blah, blah blah)."* after ranting a bit more, he screws on his angry face really tightly and through his snarling lips he says, "What were you thinking?"

I have been waiting for this moment..., I slowly shrugged my shoulders and said,

"D-wad told me to put up ALL of the bananas. So that is what I did."

The color drained from his face. He had created an environment where we could not second guess management - so even though I knew better I had to do exactly what I was told. He caught his breath a bit, "Cut that display down and put most of the bananas back in their cases."

We still lost a few cases of over-ripe/bruised bananas that week. D-wad never said anything to me, but I knew he was pissed. A short time later he tried to write me up for something unrelated, I signed it with "I do not agree" on the signature line, and 2 days later D-wad as gone. I stayed with the store for another year while I finishing my degree, but was so glad to get out of that toxic stew.

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M Knock money off my paycheck for grammar mistakes? Let me point out all the mistakes on my bosses work.


Years ago I took a job in another country for a very small company that taught English. My responsibilities included reviewing and editing lesson plans created by non-native English speakers.

Many of the lessons taught EU English while I am accustomed to US English, my boss (and the only other native English speaker) was from the UK. Therefore there were certain nuances that I was unfamiliar with. That being said, I was one of the better people on the team QAing but I wasn’t perfect by any means. There were often glaring mistakes I saw slip through on lessons not assigned to me to review but I never purposefully called people out for them. It was kind of a shitty company and bad lessons to begin with. But if there were glaring mistakes I would quietly fix them.

One pay period, months after I had been working there, I received a decrease in my pay along with a note explaining that the reasoning was because of X and X mistakes that had slipped through on my work. I was pissed as this was not a part of my contract but I couldn’t really contest it in this foreign country.

The note did however note that this decrease in pay for “mistakes” made on job duties was for all employees in my department. I knew that there were tons of mistakes on other lesson plans that weren’t mine. So I pulled up the first one and began sending messages in the group chat of every mistake I could find. And there were a lot.

I did this rapid fire until my my boss who was sitting across from me sent me a message that essentially said:

“Don’t worry I can assure you I am being held to the same standards and expectations” before he got up and walked away in a huff.

After he walked out of earshot my other coworker laughed and said he had messaged her and asked how I knew that particular lesson was one he had QA’d. I told her I didn’t know I had just pulled up the first one I knew there were mistakes on. I didn’t get anymore money taken out of my paychecks after that but I left the company shortly after.

Edit: Have learned I’m stupid and it was British English.

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S My five year old pulled one on me


Yesterday morning, I say to my son, "go fill up your hamper. Make sure there's no dirty clothes left on your floor."

So, I'm loading his laundry into the washers at the laundromat and I notice a bunch of pairs of still folded socks and some clothes I know he hasn't worn. I ask, "Buddy, did you just put all your clean clothes from your dresser into your hamper?"

And he says yes. When I ask him why he did that he says "you told me to FILL up my hamper, but there were no clothes on the floor so I got them from the dresser."

I guess I should be more careful about how I word things...

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XL You want me to make a patient stay late so you can skip work during the snow? AND you refuse to stay late? Fine, now you have to stay late every day.


I feel like everything I write turns into a novel. Anyways, this one has a satisfying ending. I hope you enjoy. TL; DR: Years ago, at a hospital where I worked as a study coordinator, the pharmacy department tried to get out of working during a snowstorm. They also had very stringent desires to leave at exactly 4:30, and they asked me to act unethically so that they could leave on time, even though I'd have to stay late regardless. Now they're forced to stay late too, whereas if they'd have just shut their mouths and driven in one snowstorm, they'd still get to leave at 4:30.

Post starts here:

Once upon a time I worked in a research hospital coordinating drug studies. This one's gonna go against the grain of some of the stories here. When you work in healthcare, following the written laws and rules to the letter is of the utmost importance. We run into trouble when people begin inventing their own rules and playing by them.

The hardest part of my job was convincing other departments to also do their jobs, and sometimes it was like pulling teeth asking people to perform their duties at even a basic level. Ask a nurse to draw a basic 4-tube blood kit? You got an eye roll. Ask the pharmacy to stay 5 minutes past the end of the workday? Nope, they couldn't do that, they were out at 4:30.

That second scenario is the important one for the purposes of this story. That department REFUSES to stay late. I could understand why they'd feel that way and strive to maintain as steady a schedule as possible, but in the world of sick and dying people, sometimes things came up. Mind you, I regularly had to stay an hour or two past the end of my shift to take care of problems and data entry. We could get overtime pay or flex our schedules pretty easily at least in my department.

This hospital was in a very snowy metropolitan area, and one time years ago we were projected to get a massive blizzard. Every one of us -- the nurses, the physicians, the pharmacists, and the coordinators -- were essential employees (or whatever they called it before COVID popularized the term) and had to come in regardless of the weather. So every one of us should have been planning to be there the next day even if the weather was awful. (We had to call in sick if we missed work for weather reasons.)

The afternoon before the storm was due to begin, we had a patient in clinic. Typically, patients on this particular research study got a doctor's appointment and then treatment immediately after. However, this individual had a job that made him prefer getting his clinic visit done in the afternoon and his treatment early the next morning. It was unusual, but it wasn't hard to accomodate him.

While most of us had accepted our fate of driving in the snow the next morning, the investigational drug department was especially not too excited about the prospect of having to come in during the blizzard. So at 3:30 -- an hour before the pharmacy closes -- they send me a Slack message and ask us what the possibility of doing this patient's treatment TODAY might be so they don't have to come in for it tomorrow. Really? You're asking us NOW? This was on your docket ALL DAY. Anyhow, I begrudgingly went to find the patient in the waiting room and ask. He wasn't thrilled, but says he'll do it if he has to. I let the pharmacy know.

Then they asked me what the status of the patient was. Clinic was running behind (as usual) and we hadn't cleared the patient for treatment yet. The investigational pharmacy needed at least 20 minutes to prep the drugs needed, so they told us we had till 4pm to get them the signed order. The process for getting a drug order filled involved:

- getting a signed order from a doctor after a patient has been cleared to get a drug

- walking it outside across the street to the pharmacy

- handing the signed prescription to a pharmacist

- waiting for the drug

- walking it back to the patient in the first building

This was absolutely not going to happen in ~12 minutes.

At 4:01, pharmacy sent me a very rude Slack message indicating that I'd basically missed my window to get the patient in today and I should do a better next time (as a coordinator, you got blamed for absolutely everything even if it was the fault of a doctor who was bad at time management). Their message said something along the lines of, "If you don't come up and give a pharmacist the order by 4:05, there's nothing we can do for your patient. In the future, you should get the order signed and over to us ahead of time so we can prep it."

"Ahead of time," in this case, meant that a patient would been prescribed a drug but wasn't yet cleared by a doctor to receive that drug. In my training, the pharmacy director told us we were never ever supposed to do this. It was a HUMONGOUS no-no and would be grounds for a massive lawsuit if anything went wrong. You absolutely don't prep a drug unless the patient receiving it is cleared for treatment by a physician.

I really liked the pharmacy director, and I messaged her regularly with questions about drugs patients might be considering while on study, but she wasn't super involved in the day-to-day of the pharmacy workers and tended to focus on bigger-picture tasks. Hence why her employees were inventing their own rules and demands.

Hmm, so I'm supposed to get this patient in today, right now, eh? All right, if you insist.

So I got the order signed by the physician ahead of seeing the patient (they didn't really give a shit). Next step, in the words of the person who messaged me, was to take it to a pharmacist, eh? You said I had to take it to a pharmacist by 4:05, right? What if, instead of walking it directly to the pharmacy, I took it directly to the pharmacy director? She was still a pharmacist and could do everything the folks in the investigational drug dispensary could do.

I told her that we hadn't cleared this patient, but I had been urged by pharmacy to dispense the drug anyhow so that the patient wouldn't have to come in tomorrow for their treatment. She looked puzzled and asked if the patient rescheduled while in clinic. I told her no -- this was at the request of the pharmacy staff so they wouldn't have to come in during a snowstorm. I showed her the message her employee had sent me.

Pharmacy director was unhappy with this, and said someone would just have to stay late if this was the plan. I referred her to the Slack message that said I had missed my window because they didn't plan to stay late. Director was livid and told me that she personally was going to stay late to make sure this went through. We went to the pharmacy from her office and she intended to scold this employee, but of course everyone was gone. So the two of us went and got the drug at 4:35, and I got it back to the patient.

I got a call from him a week later indicating that he actually preferred getting Thursday afternoon treatment instead of having it on Friday morning, and wanted to keep that schedule going forward. I relayed this to the head of the pharmacy. I expressed uncertainty with how we'd handle this, and she said she'd get back with me.

We all got an email a few days later saying that the investigational drug department would now be staying open until 5:30, and one person would be staying late every day (rotating every day) so that someone could cover late drug orders. But I knew she only had 3 pharmacists, and they were all salaried, not hourly, which meant some of them would be covering more than one late hour a week.

I went to get this patient's next dose of drug a few weeks later at about 4:45. The same woman who'd asked me to break the rules was working. I asked how she was doing, and she told me she was having to work THREE 4:30-5:30s a week... presumably because she tried to act unethically a few weeks prior. She handed me the pill bottle and slammed the window in my face.

And to think -- if the pharmacists would have just shut up and done their jobs like they were supposed to and come in during one snowstorm, they'd still be able to leave at 4:30 every day.

If you work in healthcare or health research, don't make your own rules, kids.

edited to add spoiler to TL;DR

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I hate coffee

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M Cut my hours so I worked my scheduled hours.


I work for a large grocery chain. Recently they have been cutting hours to meet budgets but expect us to figure out how to get the same amount of work done in less time. The main issue with how they cut hours is that they don’t take into account the delivery schedules. On Friday’s I cover the diary department. Normally an eight hour shift because we get a delivery and it can come in at any point within a four hour window. Some days it’s in right when I start but most days not until after my lunch.

In an attempt to save hours they have been cutting my shift in half. But the morning half and so I’ve been staying over with permission from the dairy manager to get the work done. A few weeks ago a lower level manager got mad at me for staying late and ignoring her changes to the schedule. I was fed up at this point (went from 35-38 hours a week to 28) so I said okay and planned to work whatever the schedule said the next week. I made sure to tell the dairy manager I would only work my scheduled hours and got his okay.

The Friday came and I was scheduled four hours. I came in and worked my four hours. The delivery came in and I placed it in the cooler. I had 30 minutes to put out what I could. I left four pallets of goods for the Saturday guy and walked out right on time. The next day I came in to find the Saturday guy in a complete panic because he never has that much work to do (he’s very lazy). I knew I had an easy day in my other department so I let them know i was gonna help in dairy. I then walked into the managers office and offered to help in dairy and he was elated. Apparently they had no one to put eggs and milk on the shelf the day before and had run out and the Saturday guy was sooo behind. I got a pat on the back for my go getter attitude. Later the assistant manager asked me about leaving early and I explained what happened with the other manager to which I was told to ignore her from then on out and just work my eight hours. I was very glad to comply with that and since then my hours have increased every week.

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S I altered my uniform to comply with the dress code in my employee handbook.


Back when I (now a 37f) was younger with a lot of attitude and a loud mouth, I worked for a nice Italian restaurant in my hometown. I didn’t have a single issue with management until seven months into my employment when a male manager joined the team. He was a bit of a misogynist. He would make backhanded comments about women, and he only had issues with the female staff. He wrote me up for some ridiculous reasons, one being opening the dock door “too hard”, when it was a heavy steel door that you had to put some muscle into to open. He fired another lady who was pregnant for asking to be put in a section closest to the kitchen. She filed a lawsuit and won too.

One day, I walked into work. He pulled me into the office immediately and presented me with a write up slip. It was because I was not wearing a belt. The dress code stated “IF pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn”. Okay, my uniform that day didn’t comply with the dress code. The issue was that I hadn’t worn a belt in 7 months while he and the other managers never mentioned it. In my opinion, the appropriate thing to say would’ve been “hey, I see you haven’t been wearing a belt and we haven’t been enforcing it. Dress code says you must wear a belt if you have belt loops. I’ll give you (x amount of days) to purchase one before I start enforcing”. I just got a straight write up.

So I went home and cut off all the belt loops off all of my work pants.

The next day, immediately upon walking in, he asked where my belt was. I pointed to my pants and said “where are my belt loops?” The employee handbook stated “IF there are belt loops” but I no longer had belt loops.

Let’s just say it didn’t make him like me any more, but I felt like a hero standing up to him in such a petty manner.

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S Help what do I do about my job


Hello. I (F20) and leaving my job at a plasma center. The reason you may ask? New manager treats everyone like shit and I can't stand it, co workers degrade me and tell people l'm shitty at what I do (for context I'm a phleb but I have my LPN but they claim I'm "too young" yet I did early graduation and started college early?), they promised me a certain shift and now the new manager who hates me decided to stick me on the shift I hate. I asked to talk about it but she blows me off. Side note I also have three other jobs who would love to have me. But how do I say this company pushed me over the edge it's effected my mental health so bad I contemplated if I even belong here with "world". Advice? Need some savage comments on how to say †*** you to this company. When do I leave? Now or two week notice

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S Taking the Principal Literally


I went to a small town, Midwest high school in the early nineties. Our principal was a bit of a misogynist but it benefitted us girls occasionally. For instance, the school dress code still allowed for girls to wear hats to school. Sure it was just an overlooked bit of verbiage that was a holdover from when ladies still wore matching hats and dresses but we took full advantage of the rule. We girls could be seen sliding into class in ball caps regularly. The guys, of course, hated that we could get away with it.

One day at lunch, a male friend slipped his ball cap out of his back pocket and onto his head. The principal comes storming over to tell him to remove it immediately. My friend complains that I’m wearing my ball cap and that it’s not fair. The principal explodes and throws out, “You can start wearing a hat when you start wearing skirts!”, and storms off. My friend looked around and made eye contact with everyone within earshot, nodded, and strolled out of the cafeteria.

That afternoon was filled with hushed queries from the guys to the girls concerning how many skirts we owned and what time to drop by to borrow them. I’m pretty sure I saw more than one teacher struggling to pretend not to hear (or laugh). I know my english teacher gave us a bit of extra time to chat before starting class.

The next morning over 2/3 of the male student body showed up in skirts and ball caps. Girls lost the right to wear hats of any kind indoors soon after. It was worth it though to see the principal’s jaw drop that morning and watch him grind his teeth in frustration all day long.

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M can not claim insurance until you return the keys


for context back in Australia in 2003 was a bushfire in our capital city that destroyed a LARGE amount of major suburbs in and around the city.

post this bushfire some family friends where in government housing and sadly their house burned to the ground. they barely had time to flee the house with lives and lost all their personal belongings/photos in the house as they got out.

as expected they needed to put in an insurance claim to get the finances to restore a new life and have the house be rebuilt.

now the gov being the AMAZING and wonderful people they are in aus are about as good as government in another other red tape first based country. they had a strict policy that to more out of a government housing place and be placed in anew one, even if at the same physical address, you need to hand back the master keys of the property.

my family friends argued that thats stupid as the keys burned with the house and melted into a pool of molten slush, the house foundation was destroyed and there are physically no windows/doors. the government inurance rep stood by the rules, no keys no claim. they even got a free gov aide lawyer to help but alas they could not get past this impasse.

eventually me in my pettiness and r/MaliciousCompliance mentality came to the rescue.... we went to a local locksmith and bought the first blank key off the rack and handed that in.

the gov rep tried to fight it tooth and nail saying "it was not a valid key" luckily the lawyer they had hired saw the logic of my plan and argued only that the rules stated the master keys had to be returned. they tried to argue there was no way these were the official keys. the lawyer dead started the insurance rep and told them outright that these keys open EVERY lock on the property and if they doubt it they are welcome to go out and check in person to confirm.

in the end the insurance rep acknowledging he was beaten paid up and my friends got into a new home, the lawyer i heard based on the results of our case to other clients and 8 months later the entire street my friends were on had been fully replaced.

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L UPDATE : "No ovetime for our team"


So this is another one of those stories where the manager on a power trip decides to ignore the team and then doesn't like the outcome.

Recently in my organization, there were policy changes which removed our shift timings to get shoft allowance (no big deal, that was just 3hrs pay worth a month, and we had good timings). We were also made elegible to get overtime pay as salaried employees payable at 2× rate. Great, but our manager made it clear that in our team, there will be no overtime and all work will be done in our assigned shift timings. Fine, we barely have enough work to do in our shifts and spend 2-3hrs goofing around daily.

Little background about my job - i work with a team of 8 people and we have to prepare reports once a month. The reports are due on last day of the month and we get the files for the report on 15th of each month. We have total of 7 monthly reports, 6 of which are small, one person reports, and a big one which needs all to work on it. Usually 6 people work on their assigned 6 reports and 2 people work on the big report for first few days, till the rest complete small reports so all can get to the big one. And the process is also defined like that only, that for the first few days, 2 people vet the files, format it, process it etc so after everyone is available, they can just pick their parts and work on that only.

Then, last month, due to some issues on the back end, we get the files for big report at end of the day instead of morning. I ask my manager if he wants me to work ovetime to vet the data and format it correctly now, so it can be processed overnight? He says no one will do overtime, you will have to do it tomorrow. I try to explain that if the data isn't processed overnight, we will be delayed by a day and it will take me only 3 hrs to do and I'll be happy to do that. But he's sticking to his word and denies overtime.

Cue MC, i leave the files right there and log off, next morning i start working on it, complete the tasks and send it for processing, which took the whole day and now we are one day behind. Once everyone else is done with their reports, they all get a free day because they can't do anything till our task is complete and final data is available.

Since we were a day behind, all 8 people had to work on a Saturday. The manager was fine with it because as per old policy, we could work on a Saturday and get a day off after the reports are submitted.

We all are fine with it because we read the new policy correctly and we know that working on weekend will not only give an additional day off, we will be getting overtime pay for that as well.

So instead of letting me work 3 hrs of overtime, he had to make 8 people work 9 hrs of overtime and give them a day off later as well.

Update :

Got my payslip today with 6× of my lost shift allowance recovered with overtime. We could have found out his reaction tomorrow but the whole team has decided to use the earned leave tomorrow. We will only know on Tuesday then

Update 2 :

So the manager called a few of us on our day off, no one picked up other than one guy (G). He was furious seeing the overtime, G told him that all we did was work the Saturday as he told and we put in the timing for that. It's not our fault its taken as overtime, its the new policy. So the manager just stayed silent for a bit and said he will talk to us all on Tuesday.

Come Tuesday, we login to find a company wide email clarifying and changing few things about overtime. So what actually happened was an MC of a much larger scale company wide.

We had quite a few understaffed teams, mostly due to attrition, and not enough pay range, the managers of that team were not able to hire enough staff at the pay company was allowing. So those teams have put in over 30 hrs of weekly overtime as they were overworked, and managers fully supported it. Having around 30hrs of overtime meant they had to pay existing employees around 3× of their pay, and they could have hired 2 more people per team member with that much overtime.

So the company wide email said that they are adjusting the new policy, maximum of 40hrs overtime per month will be allowed, and if employees are constantly reaching that, they will re adjust the higing budget for those teams for the next year.

Also, any overtime claims will not be deducted from team budget this month, so thats probably why our manager didn't say a work about it to us on tuesday.

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S Maliciously Complianced Myself: Ski Resort


Wife and I decided we wanted our kids to learn how to ski so we bought a black Friday deal at the local ski resort of lesson packages. Two of them. They came with 5 lessons, rentals, half day passes, and a season pass after the lessons to the resort for like $500/kid. It was a good deal.

Anyway we get through 3 lessons early in the season and the kids are getting the hang of it so I request from the lodge if I could have the season passes early so we can go more. The nice lady was like no we don't do that you have to complete the lessons first. I protest and ask to speak to the manager. He agrees and issues the season passes early in the season in December.

He got me... My dumb butt didn't know they go year to year instead of ending at the end of the snow season there by making them useless for the following year of skiing. If I had finished the lessons we might have had a full extra year of skiing included.... Now I have to go buy season passes again cause my kids love it! Lol... F me.

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I was young, working in a quasi office environment, and obsessed with following the rules.  For the past few years I'd been there, how we worked had drifted further and further away from what the company manual described, becoming more pro-business and less pro-worker.  Being young and naive I pressured my management to update the manual to match our working environment and was ignored, or so I thought.

It came to pass that my immediate manager, Bonzo, was going on a week-long vacation and I, as a senior team member, was left in charge.  I asked for instructions and was told to just "read the freakin' manual".  Bonzo had become irritated by my constant nagging about the manual and giving me the extra work of supervising was his way of punishing me.  Bonzo, you see, had never bothered to familiarize himself with what the manual actually said.

The team had a field day.  Well, field week.  Never was a group of people so happy to be managed by such an anal retentive, by-the-book, stick-in-the-mud like me, because I made sure we followed the manual to the letter (well, to the typo).

The biggest thing was the approval of bonuses. The acting manager was alloted a certain amount to both reward and encourage team members to go above and beyond. The bonuses had mostly fallen by the wayside but were still an official policy, and everybody else went home that week with a comfortably padded paycheck. (The rules did not allow me to approve my own bonuses.)

Upon Bonzo's return management quickly clawed back all the changes I'd made, but six months later they finally came through with an official change to the local version of the manual.   They couldn't discipline me; I had, after all, only followed official company policy, but I was never put in a management position again.  I consider that a win-win.

Edited for more detail.

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S Won’t pay allowances, then fly me home.


Man I have a million of these stories, basically my whole trade life. Let me know if you want more or to piss off!


I once built electrical substations in Australia. These jobs were mostly away from home and included some hefty tax free allowances. We would typically be there for a short amount of time and have to pay short term accommodation costs (which were high) in a motel and eat in restaurants / get takeaway as there were no kitchens.

The rate was 130 a day (910) a week and the incentive was that you could keep what you don’t spend.

Enter project manager. “Your only working 5 days a week so you only get 5 days of allowances”. Ok PM then what happens on weekends where I’m still in a motel 7hrs drive from home. “Not my problem”. I ring head office in front of PM and say “I’m going to need Taxi to the airport on Friday, flights and Taxi home in city and then a return journey on Monday, which means I should get to site lunch time on Monday.

PM gets pissed and tries to have his cake and eat it. Head office asks PM WTF he’s thinking as standard procedure is to pay weekends and maximise time on site (PM did not want to pay OT)

Long story short is I get 7 days allowance, meet a mature age apprentice on site and offer to pay half his&Gfs rent (200 a week) they both don’t get paid much so I also buy half groceries. Result is cheap rent, cheap well prepared meals and somewhere to chill on when not Working

Special bonus story.

The site was actually two sites and I was running the bigger one as it was less complex and the foreman ran the other one. Every Saturday we would collect a few dollars each and put on a BBQ at each location. Forman was tight as F and used to buy cheap meat and buns for his side.

I used to reach into my own pocket to make up the difference and get the apprentice to buy top quality eye fillet and nice fresh bakery buns, avocado and all the trimmings.

Everyone would them come back to big site (mine) for the Saturday safety meeting. Other site team would see left over eye fillets, smashed avocado spread and 3x drinks in ice. All the big site guys are sitting straining under their 2x eyefillet burgers and sodas. Cue other Forman getting shit for buying cheap meat and no salad/sauces.

Ahhhh good times. Seriously that site was stressful as shit, these small things gave the team a laugh and too the pressure off.

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S You're not paying me fairly for company use of my vehicle? Ok!


I used to work for a Dutch tech company TechCo that paid 19ct/km when I traveled by my own car to customers.

After a year of doing so I calculated the real car-costs (>32 ct/km) vs. the money I had gotten and found out I was over 2000 euro's at loss. I did not want to continue like this. Talked to my manager about it and asked for a better compensation deal.

But there was no deal to be made. A bigger travelexpense was out of the question! There wasn't an alternative form of compensation. No lump sum. Not a newer company phone or laptop. No lease car. Lease cars where only for people who traveled 50.000KM per year or managers. Like my manager.

He e-mailed: "Well, you can borrow my company car between 09:00 and 17.00 when I have no external meetings". Queue: Malicious Compliance.

So I live almost next to "BigClient" that I had to visit frequently. My company is an hour away in the other direction. So you probably guessed it: I drove an hour to the office. Got the company car at the earliest possibility and drove an hour back to Big Client. I left early because I had to turn the car in on time and then drove home again.

Did this for a month or 2 when BigClient asked why I wasn't there as much as I used to and I explained the situation. This is when I found out that my manager billed my traveltime, 4 hours every visit, to BigClient. So they paid the same and got a lot less value for money.

BC-Boss said he'd make this right. Two calls later I had: an apology, a big bonus for my trouble and that company car was mine. Manager was moved to another branche because he "didn't have clients best interest at stake".

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S You want nothing, here’s nothing


Some quick backstory before we get into this. My girlfriend had found a photo in a family album about three months back of me holding a plate with the word “nothing” written on it in chocolate sauce. She said this may have been one of the best photos of me because I was grinning from ear to ear while holding it.

So two nights ago I had asked her if she wanted an ice cream Sunday or anything for dessert. She responded with “I want nothing.” Now I know she’ll take like half of mine so I asked her again to confirm this and again I got told “I want nothing.”

Roger that!

I go into the kitchen and chuckle as a thought creeps into my head as I grab out the ice cream and make myself a massive vanilla ice cream Sunday. Then I grab a plate. A piping bag, some home made whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. I pipe out the word “Nothing” in big bold letters onto the plate in whipped cream. I go over the top of it with caramel sauce and outline it with chocolate sauce. For good measure I look around until I find a jar of cherries and scoop out some sauce and outline it again with this. Grab a spoon and go into the living room to deliver her a plate of nothing.

As I hand the plate to her she looks at it. Gives me a scolding look then starts to laugh and asks for the spoon.

Edit 1: thanks everyone for the new subreddits to check out!

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L "We don't care how understaffed you are, every customer must get priority service"


This was a while ago, before I managed to claw my way out of the hotel industry. Turned into a novel so there's a TLDR at the bottom.

Used to work in a hotel with about a thousand rooms. All employees were being "crosstrained" when I came on board which essentially meant rather than hiring enough people, every "idle" 5 minutes was to be spent helping out one of the other drowning departments.

Most of my time was either dedicated to service or reception, but we got plenty of housekeeping & tech department odd jobs thrown our way too. This was pretty normal since tech were by far the smallest department, around 3 people for 1000 cheaply constructed rooms, and housekeeping were also tiny for the impossible amount of work they had to do.

So what duties could be expected in reception? - replace door batteries, light bulbs, unclog drains - restock tea & coffee, coffee makers, kettles, hairdryers, TP, anything guests were missing/ran out of after they checked in - room service for any COVID isolation cases - ticket stubbing for events - manning the bar - garage duties (there was a whole rental thing going on and properly returned rentals were a rarity) - anything else that was flung at us with the label "urgent" (like room tours & occasionally even making our own staff lunches)

Ignoring our repeated requests to cut down the number of available rooms until we had enough staff to actually PROVIDE the service we advertised, management also informed us we were there to placate the after sales cases (disgruntled customers rightly pissed off that they don't get what they're promised). So after months of going by the book, I finally found myself a comfortable little loophole.

Any tech or housekeeping issue was obviously higher priority than reception since for example not having toilet paper or working lights/drains/doors was an unacceptable condition for guests, so waiting 2 hours to be checked in or book breakfast were preferable by far. Having 2-3 receptionists on shift to man 3 phones, emails, scanners & printers for guest registrations (yeah we still had 1 foot in the 90's), and trouble shoot reservations, one of us would be on the desk checking people in, if another was available they'd be on digital responses (just taking one call after another while working through emails), and I would take every single tech and housekeeping job that came.

If any of use received complaints we'd explain the situation: "I'm sorry but there's currently an emergency [insert technical/hsk issue here] that will have to take priority. If you'd be so kind as to wait in line until my colleague comes back he'll see to you upon his return."

I'm pretty resilient when idgaf anymore so I told them to put any difficult guests in my line too unless their problem was high priority. Whenever I got back I'd have 30 mins to 2 hours to work through the line before the next thing would come up and I'd apologetically leave. When they demanded an explanation or just started yelling I'd simply explain our duties, and say I fully agree that this is not a comfortable condition for guests to be in, and they in turn would agree that providing toilet paper and other essentials needed to come first. Naturally wanting to provide all customers with the tools to improve their future experience, I always rounded off these kinds of conversations with a warm thank you and an "If you can think of any suggestions that might improve your and other guests' future experiences here, please let us know on trip advisor - feedback, of ANY nature, is always valuable to us"

Reviews came flooding in that were either talking about a massive dip in quality or how understaffed/poorly managed the place was, but funnily enough I never heard one bad word against the staff. Management didn't make a big change to the hiring policy so I eventually left, but last I heard almost everyone had quit not long after I did and the place has since rebranded, presumably to get away from the rating that dropped a couple stars.

TLDR: We got a shitload of duties from other departments thrown at us. These duties were higher priority, so instead of cramming them into our already full workday I just dropped whatever I was doing, encouraged my colleagues to continue about their shifts, and send the complaints my way. My duty to the guest experience allowed me to inform them that they could rate us since it was the only thing that might bring actual improvements to the quality of their (next) stay. Trash guest experience >>> trash reputation.

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S I walked in to an empty pizza restaurant without a reservation


I just moved to Seattle, a relatively busy city. While exploring some local restaurants, I walked into a nice looking pizza spot in cap hill. It didn’t look busy at all so I went in and asked for a table for my wife and brother.

The host asked me if I had a reservation and I replied “no”. He then told me that they wouldn’t be able to seat us that evening. A bit surprised we walked outside and assumed that they were all booked up and we were early.

Out of curiosity, I hopped on tok (a reservation website) and saw that the pizza spot had openings for the next hour. We then decided to book a table in 10 minutes, waited, then walked inside.

A bit annoyed, the host approached us and asked if everything was okay. We then smiled and said, “yes thank you, we have a reservation for a table.”

Visibly embarrassed he walked us to our table then proceeded to give us the best service of all time. Super friendly guy