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Answered Are people really not using high school geometry in everyday life?


I often see people joke that high school math is a waste because “no one uses geometry in real life”, and I am so confused!

I use geometry regularly to hang art, manage my garden, plan the layout of furniture and lighting my home, and even organize groceries and closet storage.

Are folks seriously NEVER using geometry? How do you manage the space around you without it?

…do you just buy random things and hope for the best?

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I’m in charge of making a playlist for a party for a bunch of 45-60 year olds (parents and their friends) what songs are a must include?


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How will Ukraine pay for all the arms they have been given from other countries once the war is over? Or are they “gifts” that will require political “favours” in return?


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can anyone else control a rumbling in their ears?


I asked a few people about this and they all looked at me like I'm retarded. Idk what muscle it is but if I do a very specific facial contraction that feels by my ears, I get a sorta rumbling sound in my ears like buurrrurrrurrr. And it's prolonged as long as I do this contraction.

Am I retarded? Super powers? Or is this a normal thing?

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Why is Reddit's answer to every out of norm behaviour therapy?


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For people who are colour blind, if they were in a room lit only by led's of the colour they can't see, does the room appear to be completely dark to them?


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Would Putin death stop the war?


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Is it normal for guys to pee outside?


My fiancé pees outside and I don’t understand why? He will pee in the back yard even though we have a bathroom. When I ask him he says “the rocks need my help” can someone explain?

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Why, in Canada, were activists fighting for women to wear a hijab, while in Iran - they're fighting for women to not wear the hijab?


I know. Am Stupid. Just can't quite grasp why they fight to wear it in Canada, but protest against it in Iran.

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Do whales yawn with their blowhole?


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Why are there no commercials for microwaves?


I realized I’ve never seen a microwave commercial in my life. I’ll sure they were popular in the 80’s, but now I don’t see a single one

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How does addiction work where I can't stop drinking but I can save cocaine for later? NSFW


So I drink every night. I will finish whatever bottle I have around.

I got some coke tonight, and after doing maybe half, I decided I was done and that was that. No cravings or urges to do it all like most people say they have. Always been this way regardless of quality.

But drinking, I need to drink everything in sight until I fall asleep/pass out.

Do these affect different parts of your brain or what? Isn't it all dopamine? I also have ADHD if that's relevant.


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I am interested in the real reason for Russia's war in Ukraine. I would appreciate an educated explanation, not what the media tell us. Many thanks.


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Unanswered How real is the cultural stigma of "living with your parents" in the west?


As someone originally lived in the states but moved back to my parent's home country as a kid, one of the main cultural gaps that stood out to me is how widely propagated this idea of the nuclear family is in the west. There seems to be a everpresent and powerful motivation to move out, whether it's at 18 or after college to "become independent" etc.

This directly contrasts how in most asian countries, parents will often expect their child to live with them through adulthood regardless of financial situation, more as a sign of familial affection than a transactional exchange (the idea of paying rent to your parents is absurd here)

for example, my younger brother is in his mid 20s, very successful in a tech career but lives with our parents and they couldn't be happier

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Go pick my gf from the airport or attending friends birthday


Hello. My girlfriend and I are having a debate…..One of my better colleagues is celebrating a 25th birthday, which I would very much like to attend on the same evening that my girlfriend needs a ride from Venice airport (3 hours ride one way). She arrives at 10pm and has GoOpti available for a very reasonable price.

She says that I should pick her up, because she arrives very late and since I am her boyfriend, it should be normal.

What do you think?

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My wife and I watch horror movies on Sunday evenings. We loved Paranormal Activity (1 and especially 2) and things to do with ghosts and demons. What should we watch to give ourselves the heebie-jeebies tonight?


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Why do parents freak out if a teenager is suddenly quiet and withdrawn?


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Unanswered Can I get in trouble not showing my receipt to the Walmart checker?


Usually idc and will show my receipt. But this time, there was 10 people in line waiting to get their receipt checked, and I didn’t have time to wait. I only bought one item, a fan, so I just started to leave. This lady got in front of me and was like, you have to wait to leave sir, I need to see your receipt. I told her it wasn’t the law and I had to be somewhere in 15 mins. She still made me wait. Is this legal? If I would of just walked out could I get banned, or go to jail?

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Would a Death Note be covered by the 2nd Amendment or be considered a WMD?


I was talking to a friend and we were trying to figure out if an American had a Death Note (a fictional item that can instantly and remotely kill anyone who has their name written in it), would it be covered by the Second Amendment because it's like a sniper rifle, or would it be considered a Weapon of Mass Destruction because it has infinite range?

And if it were considered a WMD, how would someone go about disposing of it? Is it like stumbling across a bomb -- would you have to call 911? Or because it's so dangerous would the feds need to be contacted?

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Why does Peter Parker even want to go to college when he is shown to have a super-genius brain, who found cures for villains in 1 night that most PhD holders probably couldn't come up with in 100 years?


Peter Parker invented an instant inject-able psychological cure for schizophrenia for Doc Ock, one of the world's greatest scientists, in literally one night. Peter Parker invented an electron-cipher (or something like that), for Electro in the same night. He literally found a way to CHANGE the DNA of Sandman in that same exact night. Put simply, Peter Parker might be one of the top 10 smartest people in the world, in the same level as Bruce Banner, but maybe not at the level of Tony Stark and Shuri yet. I'm sorry but in no way is Peter Parker someone who needs to go to college. The FOUNDER of Oscorp literally offered him a STEM job without a degree, just by seeing with his own eyes. Peter Parker does not need to go to MIT as a student. Peter Parker should just start teaching PhD courses at MIT instead during his spare time not web-slinging. This is a dude who cured schizophrenia in one night, he doesn't need to go to college.

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Why is it bad when companies like Facebook sell my data?


I’ve been told that it has something to do with adds being directed at you, but that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Why should I care?

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Is there a specific order for letters in other written languages like in the English alphabet? Do y’all sing songs about it too?


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Answered Dad just had a heart attack. Can someone with experience answer some of my questions?


This just happened like an hour ago.

They caught it pretty early when he said his chest was tight.

He was talking the whole time while being loaded being put on the chair and loaded into the ambulance.

Is it a good sign that he was talking the entire time?

My dad is 66 and he has never had one before.

Please if someone could reach out and give some guidance it would really calm me down

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Unanswered Why is the Electoral College defended?


With midterms coming up in the U.S., the age-old topic of the EC being useless is coming back. I've heard responses to the notion that the EC should be abolished with the point that "people in NY, TX and CA would run the country", but if it switches to a popular vote system, I simply don't see how that's true? Everyone's vote would be equal to one another, and currently, couldn't the point be made that a Nebraska vote is worth more than a New Yorkers vote? Is there truth to this idea, or is it more posturing to maintain the status quo?

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How do you learn how to confront people?


I'm very non-confrontational. It's not a part of me I like. But unfortunately I think I may be being taken advantage of, and I will need to confront someone who is manipulative and used to me backing down. She also has a temper. I am worried that I can't handle it. I need to learn how to deal and confront someone. How on earth do you guys do this?