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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Dmoney0117 Sep 22 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome I'm Deceased

Trump supporter in red: you are racists! Other trump supporters in line:


u/Birdamus Sep 22 '22

Dude with white beard and red hat with hands in pockets kicking the ground like, “aw shucks, I just posted the I’m a R.A.C.I.S.T. meme on muh Facebook.”


u/SneeKeeFahk Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

So I was curious and clicked the link

R epublicans

A gainst

C ommunist

I nsane

S ocialist

T errorism

Glad to see none of them made it past 7th grade english


u/InsaneAss Sep 22 '22

Lol they couldn’t just deny being or not act like racists. They had to make the word mean something else instead. Incredible.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Conservatives deny being racist all the time but no one who calls them racist because of their political affiliation gives a shit. For the people who believe all conservatives are racists the only thing they could possibly do to prove that they aren’t is to stop being a conservative. That’s not going to happen so people make stupid memes like this out of spite and then liberals double down with shit like “SEE they admitted they’re racists!”

It’s all fucking stupid.


u/BlackLeader70 Sep 22 '22

Did Creed Bratton come up with this acronym?


u/uberblack Sep 22 '22

B oy do I hate negros

O nly Whites Allowed

B utt stuff? Nuh uh!

O f course you'll become a billionaire!

D emonrats, amirite?

D omestic terror...it's what's for dinner!

Y ou gonna eat that berder?


u/Plumhawk Sep 22 '22

I think it was the guy that wrote the Dragnet movie that Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd were in.







u/x1echo Sep 22 '22









u/Azihayya Sep 22 '22

MAGAcommunism was trending on Twitter yesterday, lmao


u/Vetiversailles Sep 22 '22

Very out of the loop. Whats MAGAcommunism?


u/Azihayya Sep 22 '22

MAGAs calling for class solidarity and seizing the means of production. https://compactmag.com/article/the-rise-of-maga-communism I found this article--but this is the image I've seen shared around: https://twitter.com/jacksonhinklle/status/1572273376219254784?t=MWLqohYLIE1UjUsV4x1BFA&s=19


u/chasteeny Sep 22 '22

What a contrived attempt im actually dying laughing here


u/JayGeezey Sep 22 '22

Fr, like you'd think others would jump in and be like "yeah, you make us look bad and make people think we support the kkl and are racist because you come to these events, you're not welcome!" But they all just look around and avoid eye contact

Meanwhile, you have someone walk by with a sign that literally just says "black lives matter", and based on the hundreds of hours of video documentation of similar situations, I guarantee you every one of them would be screaming their heads off at them.

Good on the dude in red, but really makes you think what he thinks everyone around him thinks, it seems like he believes they're on the same page, AND he's got a punisher logo on, so I'm sure he's "blue lives matter" dude... really interesting honestly. But glad he spoke up against the kkk!


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u/JayGeezey Sep 22 '22

but I see this as something to cheer on, not something to ridicule

Oh yeah no I agree with that, hope my comment didn't come off as ridiculing the guy? I thought it was pretty clear that I was saying he was doing yhe right thing?


u/Katnipz Sep 22 '22

Trump's never been anything but radical. It takes a special kind of lead poisoning to vote for a reality tv star.


u/thinkthingsareover Sep 22 '22

God this is an incredibly low bar.


u/Luna_trick Sep 22 '22

I don't think you can say that for all Trump supporters, but I do think a lot of Trump supporters started out with the idea that they're fighting a corrupted system, specially when Hillary was around and Trump wasn't on the level of fire he is on now, which is why I believe to be the reason a lot of Trump voters left the movement or became more attached to Trump when his own failings and ideals started ramping up.

I think the person in the video is likely a good guy, but I say this as someone who was a radical right winger, he's but a useful idiot to advancing the normalisation of the same people he is verbally attacking here. I had a friend with that same level of vigor for non racist conservatism, that Trump was like a conservative but he wasn't racist/homophobic and out of touch and I believed him, after a couple of years he came to try and recruit me to a neo Nazi group. I hope this man gets out.


u/coffffeeee Sep 22 '22

The Trump movement is made by and for radicals.


u/BasketofSharks Sep 22 '22

They are just leaning ALL THE WAY in to this shit aren't they. Do they have NO self awareness?


u/Jake0024 Sep 22 '22

Here I'm just surprised "white beard and red hat" only describes one person in the video


u/charmlessman1 Sep 22 '22

"Maaaan, why's he gotta yell at Dale? Dale's gonna roast me later at the BBQ."


u/vetaryn403 Sep 22 '22

The problem with a platform that destroys everything, is it eventually destroys itself. They are just too blind to see it. I'm ok with skipping to the last part and letting them eat each other.


u/cococonvenience Sep 22 '22

Thank you for saying this. Once chaos gets unleashed, it really doesn't differentiate.


u/Key_Education_7350 Sep 22 '22

Time for Exterminatus, I think. It's the only way to be sure.


u/karangoswamikenz Sep 22 '22

Yea it’s obvious all the others behind him don’t give a shit and think that he’s overreacting. You can see them all being awkward.


u/JackTheKing Sep 22 '22

Like they realized they were in the wrong line at the DMV.


u/ElementNumber6 Sep 22 '22

They're pretty clearly laughing at him. They don't give a single fuck.


u/baalroo Sep 22 '22

Yup, I've got way too many family members and other people I know who go to every Trump rally they can, they all look just like these people in line in this video, and they are all racist as fuck. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

They just don't wear swastikas or white hoods when they go.

Obviously the plural of "anecdote" isn't "data," but still, I mean...


u/Mediocre__at__Best Sep 22 '22

It's a real /r/leopardsatemyface moment for this guy, for sure.


u/HoochieKoochieMan Sep 22 '22

Maybe. I wasn't sure if he was upset that his preferred candidate was also the favorite hero of racists, or just that these other guys were so obvious about it, and it looks bad on CNN.


u/Proud_Truck Sep 22 '22

This whole video is the Spiderman pointing meme


u/aidissonance Sep 22 '22

I think everyone wasn’t sure which side to pull for in the moment. But anti KKK overrules all other sentiments


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22




u/Dinglepussers Sep 22 '22

Certified friendly fire moment


u/zodar Sep 22 '22

He's just concerned about the optics of the KKK being there. Learn to dog whistle, KKK, jeez!


u/yourteam Sep 22 '22

This poor dude is probably baffled about how no one was with him in insulting the guys


u/Syrinx221 Sep 23 '22


They not only don't care they probably have peeps in the white sheets


u/CozmicBunni Sep 23 '22

Right. Lol. silence


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

The other guy in sunglasses was yelling at the kkk people too.


u/SumptuousTaint Sep 22 '22

Nah they probably don’t consider their beliefs racist. A lack of self-awareness is almost a requirement to be racist in this day and age.

They’re mostly the “I’m not racist but” crowd


u/Mono_831 Sep 22 '22

Pot calling the kettle black for most.


u/rabidantidentyte Sep 22 '22

Plenty of trump supporters are decent people that are just a bit misguided.


u/Serenikill Sep 22 '22

There was also the guy yelling "they are white supremists"


u/supersean61 Sep 22 '22

They like buddy isnt that the point?


u/glycerethe Sep 23 '22

Trump supporter in red: you are racists!

What are you talking about?! You're at a Trump rally, bro!


u/Argall1234 Sep 22 '22

Why do you think Trump supporters are racist?


u/spares0mechange Sep 22 '22

Make up what you want dawg if it makes you feel better


u/1skim Sep 22 '22

Nah man 99% of republicans and trump supporters aren't racist. You only see the radical ones appear on your social media page. Most of them are just people passionate about gun rights and conservative values