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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/wasd911 Sep 22 '22

Where has he been all these years? epitome of "oh, you must be new"


u/The_Karaethon_Cycle Sep 22 '22

The fact that he’s wearing all red and cursing at KKK members makes me think he just picked up a new Trump hobby. A couple months from now He’s probably going to stop going to Trump rallies and buy a Miata as a project car. A couple months after that he’s going to sell the Miata and pick up a new hobby. Poor guy’s probably a hobby hopper.


u/Sangxero Sep 22 '22

Poor guy’s probably a hobby hopper.

Huh, I never knew we had a collective name. But yeah, it sucks.


u/devilpants Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I just get bored after like 5 years and try something new. I cant figure out how people do the same thing for like 20 years


u/ChewySlinky Sep 22 '22

5 years?? I can’t do the same thing for more than an hour.


u/SovietSunrise Sep 22 '22

How else are they gonna get to their 10,000 hours and then REALLY get to enjoy it!!?!


u/SovietSunrise Sep 22 '22

How else are they gonna get to their 10,000 hours and then REALLY get to enjoy it!!?!


u/Mortara Sep 22 '22

It was fishing, again, this year.


u/GavinZac Sep 22 '22

"Why did the left leave me no choice but to join these racists?"


u/tomdarch Sep 22 '22

"I know that supporting Trump is the wrong thing to do, but Democrats are pointing out systemic racism and that is forcing me to do this thing that I know is wrong! You made me do it!"

Yep. Real fucking sick of that type of excuse from Republicans/Trump supporters.


u/DarkWasp14 Sep 22 '22

Isn’t that literally textbook abuser/bully behaviour? “It’s your fault I’m hitting you”.


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/Umutuku Sep 22 '22

The orchid guy from Adaptation.


u/paperpenises Sep 22 '22

On point. I was gonna guess the parts for his off road truck are delayed for another three months so he took up trumpism.


u/Hamartithia_ Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Why’s it always a Miata?

I live next to a popular stretch of winding road unofficially called Tail of The Dragon and we get groups of older dudes out here in their Miata’s with a trailer of tires behind them.

I love their passion just curious why the Miata specifically


u/ksirb94 Sep 22 '22

Cheap, fun to drive, huge aftermarket support and big cultural icon.


u/ksirb94 Sep 22 '22

Shit, maybe I missed a step.

In the last two years I bought a Miata rebuilt it, sold it, bought a new car AND picked up a new hobby.

Is it too late to go full daddy Donnie?


u/sakurablitz Sep 23 '22

this is the funniest possible interpretation of this situation


u/phildlaw23 Sep 22 '22

Can you imagine how much time and money he spent to coordinate that red outfit(that whole outfit is made in China so much for buy aMeriCa) it take a proud men to wear that devil red outfit,orange would have been the prefer colour but that’s me


u/ShitbirdMcDickbird Sep 22 '22

Watching Fox news where all the racism is fed to you subliminally and you are told to ignore what the rest of the country is saying about what your party is doing.


u/JMEEKER86 Sep 22 '22

The old guy with a beer belly behind him even has a smirk on his face that seems to be saying exactly that. "Newbie doesn't know what's up".


u/TalShar Sep 22 '22

Information silos are real. In a lot of cases, it's not something people do to themselves. These people are aggressors, yes, but a lot (I would hope most) are victims, too. They've been meticulously conditioned to disbelieve anything that goes against their narrative. It takes a long time to pick a thread loose, but once you get one, you can begin to unravel the whole tapestry of lies and enable them to think and judge for themselves.

Source: Was a member of the "alt" right (or alt-lite, at least) right before they started using the term. Am now leftist enough that I don't love being called liberal.


u/DMindisguise Sep 22 '22

It's like he has been living in a bubble for his whole life.


u/rbatra91 Sep 22 '22

Yeah man all trump supporters are racist white supremacists that’s some big brain critical thinking.