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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Pk1Still Sep 22 '22

The typo makes your statement a double entendre.


u/Jbrown183 Sep 22 '22

Trump is now the Champion of the civil Right…


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

I don't think there is anything civil about most of them.


u/GiveToOedipus Sep 22 '22

The only thing civil about Trump are his suits, of which he has many.


u/christophlc6 Sep 22 '22

Oof get out the aloe vera


u/yeeehhaaaa Sep 22 '22

They are Huuuuge


u/childish_tycoon24 Sep 22 '22

Some might even say bigly


u/BubuBarakas Sep 22 '22

He was threatening assault and battery so…


u/TheRynoceros Sep 23 '22

The only thing wrong with threatening assault and battery on Klansmen and Nazis is not following through.


u/SurprzTrustFall Sep 22 '22

There is, even if you don't want that to be true.


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

You going to defend the people that stormed the capitol after losing an election after they spent 4 years saying "you lost get over it snowflake"?


u/bananabeast07 Sep 22 '22

Nice generalization you got there. It's completely wrong so I recommend you stop believing it.


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

Which part? The part that totally happened or the other part that is still on peoples bumper stickers?


u/bananabeast07 Sep 22 '22

Both. Not every trump supporter, actually not even the large majority supported or was a part of the capital riot. Not every trump supporter tolled clinton supporters to cry about it, and not every trump supporter started weeping over vote fraud in 2020. Should I be saying that the entirety of BLM is a murder scheme or should I be saying some people died as a result of the protests? Because the first one is far from true.


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

Okay, I see what you are saying. I shouldn't make a blanket statement that blames everyone of a certain group for the mistakes of a zealous portion. That would be unfair.

However, the connotation of being a MAGA republican is unfortunately intertwined with my previous statements. It doesn't matter if you aren't casting stones if you are still on the side of those that do, at least to the general perception.

Also, the entirety of what BLM stood for is for general acknowledgement of aggressive tendencies towards marginalized groups and the abolishment of practices that have actually killed people. So maybe that comparison wasn't that good.


u/bananabeast07 Sep 22 '22

It's unfortunate that that is how it is. At least we came to a mostly positive understanding, have a good day.


u/Versaiteis Sep 22 '22

so much for the civil right


u/Pk1Still Sep 23 '22

No the fuck he isn’t


u/Jbrown183 Sep 25 '22

Lol, agreed. Just a play on words…


u/retrolasered Sep 22 '22

How? There ain't no civil Left


u/algorythmUnlock Sep 22 '22

civil right

it's also an oxymoron


u/SlaveHippie Sep 22 '22



u/childish_tycoon24 Sep 22 '22

The right in America is anything but civil


u/teapoison Sep 22 '22

Epic reddit moment. Upvoted