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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/wvs1453 Sep 22 '22

He should tell Trump this


u/FunetikPrugresiv Sep 22 '22

I think it's adorable that you think Trump listens to anyone.


u/Nacho_Papi Sep 22 '22

Who would've thunk that the party of Nationalist Christians (Nat-C's) would have white supremacists among them?


u/BigBastardHere Sep 22 '22

"There are good people on both sides."


u/SkrambieEggs Sep 23 '22

There definitely are.


u/canaryhawk Sep 22 '22

Oh I'm sure it's midterm marketing by them. They have this technique where they generate opposition-identified supporter content for their cause and send it out to political morons who don't see the party for what it is. In 2016 they paid African podcasters to denounce Clinton, and used the posts heavily to sway people of color to vote White Supremacy. I mean it worked then. I predict more of this astroturfed, we are not racists anymore crap, which will magically disappear November 9th.


u/WillDeletOneDay Sep 22 '22

Trump doesn't care about anything. He just wants their votes and donations.