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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/qasimq Sep 22 '22

Yup. Disagree with Trump and his base on everything. But if they are going to stand up against KKK I'm in agreement there.


u/Buffphan Sep 22 '22

It’s One guy. Let’s not start crowning Trump as the champion of civil right yet


u/Pk1Still Sep 22 '22

The typo makes your statement a double entendre.


u/Jbrown183 Sep 22 '22

Trump is now the Champion of the civil Right…


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

I don't think there is anything civil about most of them.


u/GiveToOedipus Sep 22 '22

The only thing civil about Trump are his suits, of which he has many.


u/christophlc6 Sep 22 '22

Oof get out the aloe vera


u/yeeehhaaaa Sep 22 '22

They are Huuuuge


u/childish_tycoon24 Sep 22 '22

Some might even say bigly


u/BubuBarakas Sep 22 '22

He was threatening assault and battery so…


u/TheRynoceros Sep 23 '22

The only thing wrong with threatening assault and battery on Klansmen and Nazis is not following through.


u/SurprzTrustFall Sep 22 '22

There is, even if you don't want that to be true.


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

You going to defend the people that stormed the capitol after losing an election after they spent 4 years saying "you lost get over it snowflake"?


u/bananabeast07 Sep 22 '22

Nice generalization you got there. It's completely wrong so I recommend you stop believing it.


u/Link2Liam Sep 22 '22

Which part? The part that totally happened or the other part that is still on peoples bumper stickers?


u/bananabeast07 Sep 22 '22

Both. Not every trump supporter, actually not even the large majority supported or was a part of the capital riot. Not every trump supporter tolled clinton supporters to cry about it, and not every trump supporter started weeping over vote fraud in 2020. Should I be saying that the entirety of BLM is a murder scheme or should I be saying some people died as a result of the protests? Because the first one is far from true.

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u/Versaiteis Sep 22 '22

so much for the civil right


u/Pk1Still Sep 23 '22

No the fuck he isn’t


u/Jbrown183 Sep 25 '22

Lol, agreed. Just a play on words…


u/retrolasered Sep 22 '22

How? There ain't no civil Left