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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/fefman123 Sep 22 '22 Silver

Isn’t it a good thing that he’s against the kkk


u/mudboy654 Sep 22 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

yeah thats the point


u/GMaharris Sep 22 '22 'MURICA

Are we supposed to give them a cookie or a parade for saying the KKK is bad? Jesus christ the bar is low for these people.


u/TangentiallyTango Sep 22 '22

Yeah he'll say it's bad, and then vote for the KKK's favorite candidate.


u/nub_sauce_ Sep 22 '22

Yup, the KKK directly endorsed trump in 2016

"yeah I don't like the KKK!!! Now excuse me while I go vote for the KKK's prefered politician"🤡


u/poonmangler Sep 22 '22

Lol people already don't care that he's every fascist dictators' preferred politician for America.


u/5k1895 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

This is the thing I don't get with these people. They're supposedly not racist on paper. They know hate groups like the KKK are bad. But here's the thing, your favorite candidate, and even your favorite political party, just so happen to be filled with those same people. Like you're standing side by side with them when you vote, they endorse Trump right along with you. Yet that doesn't make you question whether you're on the right side of history? So the only proper conclusion I can really come to is that there's a good chance that somewhere deep down, they're internally racist as well. Because how else am I supposed to interpret that when you willingly stand side by side with the racist bigots at the voting booth?


u/TheFergPunk Sep 22 '22

I think the quote from the character Stormfront in the show The Boys sums it up well:

People love what I have to say! They believe in it! They just don't like the word 'Nazi.' That's all.

Same deal here. Chances are they'd agree with a lot of what the KKK has to say, they just don't like that they're dressed up in sheets.

The KKK is too transparent with the racism. They prefer the racism with the tiniest, flimsiest bit of deniability, like regularly accusing ethnic minority opponents of not being from the US.


u/jmc198769 Sep 22 '22

Why can't the answer be that when you make a binary choice, chances are you will be in a group with people you don't agree with? I mean this type of reductive thinking is the reason there is so much division and animosity today.

The anti defamation league estimates only about 3000 actual klan members exist today, so to pretend that they have any sort of real tangible influence or power seems obsurd to me. (Admittedly this is the fruit of a quick Google search and the article is from 2016 but I would argue that is Trump era enough to be relevant.)



u/TheFergPunk Sep 22 '22

Why can't the answer be that when you make a binary choice, chances are you will be in a group with people you don't agree with?

Nah bullshit understanding of the situation.

There's a difference between making one choice within a binary option (i.e. voting Republican instead of Democrat) and actively being a fan of a bigot which this guy is actively doing.


u/jmc198769 Sep 22 '22

Sounds like he's actively calling out bigots to me. It's all based on perspective and everyone has one. I can't stand Trump either but I just think we all need to lay the weapons down for a bit and try to heal some wounds. At the end of the day we're not as different as they want everyone to think. I hope you have a good day.

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u/tuckastheruckas Sep 22 '22

this is a horrible take, come on. I voted for Biden but even this video kinda shows that not all republicans 'support' racist ideology. I mean obviously im not changing your mind but idk, gets tiresome reading these nonsensical attacks on 'the other team'.


u/5k1895 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Respectfully, I'm certainly not the one making things into a team sport. Republicans specialize in that and have for a long time. And you'll notice I never said they all "support" racism. But they have no issue voting alongside it. They have no issue supporting candidates and a party as a whole that largely embraces the support of actual racist people. How else am I supposed to interpret it other than them internally, whether they know it or not, being okay with it on some level? Explain it to me. Help me understand why someone would be okay with a party that seemingly embraces racists' support.


u/tuckastheruckas Sep 23 '22

meh, im sure you can understand there are things affiliated with the DNC that dont represent all democrats.


u/5k1895 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

A cop-out response that I frankly saw coming from a mile away. There's certainly nothing there on the level that I'm talking about here with Republicans, that's the issue at hand and you damn well know that. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't actually make an attempt to create a real explanation and rather decided to just do some "bOtH sIdEs" shit.

Edit: So yeah okay, I gave it most of the day and all I got was a downvote without any response. Not particularly surprising. Guess you didn't actually have any logical explanation with any substance after all, and could only offer me some BS projection. What a shock.


u/inthefamilybathroom Sep 26 '22

Respectfully, I'm certainly not the one making things into a team sport. Republicans specialize in that and have for a long time

Lol I'm a dem but you're clearly doing the team sport shit here. I mean just read what you wrote


u/5k1895 Sep 26 '22 edited Sep 26 '22

Okay, let me ask something then. Despite me clearly stating my issue with the far right, I'm still clearly here engaging with someone in good faith and asking questions and asking for them to help me understand. Meanwhile they were refusing to answer, acting like I was being unreasonable to ask these extremely understandable questions and doubts I'm expressing. If I were treating it like a sport myself, wouldn't I be the one NOT asking these questions and trying to create this discussion and give them a chance to help me? If that's not the case then explain it to me. Explain it to me like I'm five.

Edit: lmao, literally can't make this up. I decided to check your post history to see if you were actually a Democrat as you claimed, and this was in it...

Your post history says you're a black Christian republican though so no surprise you're a fucking moron

Seems to me that even if you are left leaning, you must be a troll of some sort because that's far closer to the "team sport" shit than anything I said. Give me a break dude. Don't lecture me on what I say when you say dumb things like that to other people.

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What the fuck was he supposed to do about it? He can't stop anyone from "endorsing" him


u/TheUnluckyBard Sep 23 '22

What the fuck was he supposed to do about it? He can't stop anyone from "endorsing" him

Express opinions and propose policies that the KKK doesn't want to endorse? Seems pretty easy.


u/kgt5003 Sep 22 '22

In this last election there wasn't really a candidate who didn't get endorsed by racists. Richard Spencer famously endorsed Joe Biden. https://www.businessinsider.com/joe-biden-campaign-disavows-richard-spencer-endorsement-2020-8


u/TheUnluckyBard Sep 23 '22

Oh, I must have missed the speech where Trump disavowed the KKK's endorsement. Can you link it for me?


u/Pandamana Sep 22 '22

The KKK are bad ok, I just happen to allign 100% with their political ideology. Wait, why are you calling ME racist?


u/semajvc Sep 22 '22

guys hitler drank water that must mean water is racist


u/Pandamana Sep 22 '22

I'll take non sequiturs for $100, Alex.