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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Ullallulloo Sep 22 '22

Uh, I'm pretty sure Black Hebrew Israelites are pretty racist and very much against Trump.


u/i2play2nice Sep 22 '22

The black hebrews despise anybody that isn’t black. They think none blacks are a curse from God, there’s no way they could have supported Trump no matter how racist they all are.


u/Ruepic Sep 23 '22

They even hate other black people.


u/i2play2nice Sep 23 '22

Really? Why do they do that?


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u/SDMasterYoda Sep 22 '22

"Black Hebrew Israelites" is the name of the racist group. He didn't say black Jews.


u/ShameOnAnOldDirtyB Sep 22 '22

They capitalized it

Just like the Lord's Christian Army


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u/No-Opinion-8217 Sep 22 '22

I think they are well known enough that you can reasonably expect people to understand. Honestly shocked you haven't heard of them, assuming you are American. If not, maybe they are less well known outside of the states.


u/WolfsLairAbyss Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Like Lenny Kravitz?

Not sure why I am getting downvoted for a dumb joke.


u/Ullallulloo Sep 22 '22

His father is actually Jewish. Black Hebrew Israelites are a growing religious/cultural movement of black people who are not Jewish but believe black people are the real Jews.


u/EnigmaticQuote Sep 22 '22

they don't seem like they really deserve any attention tbh


u/Neuchacho Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

He's just Jewish. BHI is not related to Judaism directly. They basically believe that all black, hispanic, and native American people are the real children of Israel and that "white" Jews are not Jews at all.

It's a truly bizarre religious fringe movement when you dig into it and that's saying something in the context of religion.


u/decentish36 Sep 23 '22

Hang on are you telling me that not every single bad person in the world is a Trump supporter? Preposterous!


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

There's countless examples of democrat politicians/talk show host (and especially Reddit!) with crazy racial views but they won't be on front page. There's an agenda to stick to!


u/purple_lassy Sep 22 '22

Yes and that group of people is constantly out and about waving flags and yelling at people.

So much that I have never heard of them….



Yes and that group is constantly out…and yelling at people

Uh… yes, they are doing that. Their whole thing is standing around and yelling at people.


u/Harbingerx81 Sep 22 '22

A group of them were actually what really started the whole 'Covington Kids' thing, with the kid that was supposedly confronting a Native American.

If you watch the FULL (hours-long) videos from that day, a group of Black Israelites was heavily featured and were harassing that group of kids for a long time.

It was actually rather entertaining. Those guys are EXTREMELY racist.


u/magnificence Sep 22 '22

I was told by black hebrew Israelites that my people (Chinese) would be put in chains after the revolution. This was during one of their events in downtown San Francisco lol


u/watch_over_me Sep 22 '22

You don't see it, because wherever you "tune in" isn't showing it. It's not an issue of reality, it's an issue of narrative being shown.


u/purple_lassy Sep 22 '22

So you are saying you see and hear about the Black Hebrew Israelites?


u/watch_over_me Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Of course, a dude that works in the Cafe at my work is one.

He believes that Jews are fake, and that black people are the real Jews. He also has all these documents "proving" it. To the extent that he thinks the Holocaust was done to Black people, and not Jewish people.

Dude has a lot of strange opinions.


u/St_Veloth Sep 22 '22

They have a pretty noticeable presence in places like Philly and NYC, mostly yelling in tourist spots


u/TeardropHelm Sep 22 '22

“You see something I don’t because I dwell solely in an echo-chamber? You must be lying.”


u/DankPwnalizer Sep 22 '22

I’ve never seen an actual KKK member in real life before. Guess they dont exist either :)


u/purple_lassy Sep 22 '22

I never said anyone didn’t exist

I’ve seen plenty of kkk members. They had a get together in the town I was raised in 2 years ago.


u/pizzaguy665 Sep 22 '22

There’s dozens of them