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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Were-watching Sep 22 '22

This needs to happen more.


u/xActuallyabearx Sep 22 '22

Yes, but what needs to happen even more is him stopping to wonder why the kkk keeps showing up to support his buddies. Curious 🤔


u/Fantastic_Engine_623 Sep 22 '22

My exact thought. He's mad that they're there but never asks himself why.


u/LordoftheScheisse Sep 22 '22

Jumps into a pool

"Why the hell am I all wet?"


u/PresOrangutanSmells Sep 22 '22

If only he'd yell the same thing at his presidential picks.


u/KingB_SC Sep 22 '22

Oh, yeah, because Trump peed on those Russian hookers. I love a throwback to past seasons


u/PaperBoxPhone Sep 22 '22

We all have common goals with people that we despise.


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

I would imagine a group of white supremes doesn't like the dem candidates pushing diversity and inclusion etc? Pretty simple stuff This dude could have a multitude of reasons for also not supporting them. It's really not so hard I believe in you!


u/Fantastic_Engine_623 Sep 23 '22

And for openly supporting Trump? If the attacks against diversity and inclusion by Trump are the reason the KKK is there, what exactly is this guy's excuse? Trump's charming personality? The way he constantly lies through his teeth? The orange paint on his face and yellow grease in his hair? The constant messages of hate and division? You give me one good fucking reason that any reasonable and rational minded person should ever put their support behind Trump.


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

You know the kkk and Byrd endorsed Hillary right??


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Maybe he liked the economy or less lax border security or maybe he was sexually attracted to him I have no idea but

Also your TDS may be terminal. Might need a quick dose of some equity and foe outrage stat

Hate and division have you seen the current president spout his rhetoric and then dude runs over an 18 year old republican??

Your very far from reality and an average person. Good luck!

I didn't vote for him/at all in 2016 but DEFINATELY over Biden... "Then you ain't black" lol! Long list of those

Sick detailed description. Reads like a perpetual redditor gulping down MSM/social media propaganda.

Maybe he's there to support his wife or friend. Or doesn't want vac mandates (that's why I'll be voting against all dems) Don't know don't care. People should do as they please within the law. You're beyond help

Lastly you sound like a real nerd I could be wrong tho


u/Fantastic_Engine_623 Sep 23 '22

You should get professional help. Your mental state shows that your grasp on reality is tenuous at best.


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

Not everyone wants forced policies. Legal immigration and best man for the job isn't a deal breaker for me personally. But a 50 year careeer politician geriatric is


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Also making fun of someone's appearance that they can't really change is kinda low...he's probably had more success with much more attractive ladies than you for being covered in paint and pizza grease and cheese curls

Ya know something's you can't change in life like height or how your skin is or of your a boy or girl etc. you learn to accept and live with it. He seems to have done a pretty good job although I'm not a fan of his style.

And before you go there....no my wife of 10 years is smoking hot and down right bad! But best of all has my back and is a wonderful mother of about to be 4 we can't wait thanks in advance

It's a shame the tds and blinders have effected your relationship with your pops- it's not that serious man turn off the tv and log off propareddit


u/Fantastic_Engine_623 Sep 23 '22

lol k bud whatever you say. Keep spewing your bs. The only deranged ones are Trump and his supporters like yourself.


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

Openly? Better than being behind close doors. Dudes there for what he believes in. That's part of America wether you or I agree or disagree with him. Good for him!