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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Coolo79 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Color coordination takes effort.

Missing that Jordan drip tho


u/tiffanaih Sep 22 '22

That American flag punisher skull is a choice for sure. Not really sure what it's trying to say though.


u/joe2596 Sep 22 '22

No idea either since The Punisher would probably kill everyone in this video.


u/VanillaLifestyle Sep 22 '22

Lmao, and all the cops / cop bootlickers with thin blue line flags on punisher skulls.


u/YamSamwiches Sep 22 '22

The Punisher fucking hates cops, but he doesn’t really kill them. I’m pretty sure he’s only done that in one run.


u/UVLightOnTheInside Sep 22 '22

The irony isnt lost on anyone, except the people who wear punisher clothing.


u/DesparateLurker Sep 22 '22

Punisher hates cops alright. Especially the cops who fanboy boy over him, put his logo on their cars and imply they might do the crap he does. I thought he was neutral or cool with the ones who oppose him like they should.


u/BjornInTheMorn Sep 23 '22

Yea there's a scene in the comics of him ripping up a sticker and telling some cops to start being a fan of captain America if I rember correctly. He may have also threatened them?


u/Gohlgotha Sep 22 '22

Punisher loves cops. He killed his sidekick without hesitation when he realized the sidekick had killed a cop back in the day.


u/trident_hole Sep 22 '22

Fr idk what's going on here it's like a clusterfuck of confused right wingers.

I hate it when they say they're "patriots" it's used as nauseum almost to the point where it's like Bible Thumpers talking about how much they love god with no backbone to it

Also fuck the KKK


u/Bro_tosynthesis Sep 23 '22

Wish he would


u/makingthisfor1reason Sep 23 '22

Movie characters aren't real btw


u/joe2596 Sep 23 '22

I know that. They don't.