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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/90daylimitedwarranty Sep 22 '22

Yup, he literally told them to "stand by"

Ask a Trump supporter about this. They will NEVER give you an excuse. All they do is project. "What about the racist groups Biden supports" is what they'll say or some nonsense like this instead of ever addressing their lord's clear cut racism.


u/MrPoopieMcCuckface Sep 22 '22

Don’t let them deflect. Make them answer and tel them after you will answer for what joe said. They will never have anything specific on joe


u/90daylimitedwarranty Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

You cannot. I've talked to two Trumpers I know in person over the years and literally would not answer one question. EVERY answer was to deflect. Refuse to answer anything no matter how many times you point out "you're simply reflecting and not answering anything. Absolutely refuse.

Asked one of these guys "what about the racism?" and he literally said "what racism?"

They live in an alternate reality. Literally.


u/probablyagiven Sep 22 '22

that's when you insult them, their intelligence, their honesty and their integrity. fucking lying degenerates


u/BoydCrowders_Smile Sep 23 '22

Yeah there is a breaking point where they "They go low we go high" method that just doesn't work, and we've been way past that for a while.


u/zahzensoldier Sep 23 '22

Okay, so people should start going low on their republican family members.. what does that look like?


u/probablyagiven Sep 27 '22

by insulting their traitor asses


u/EliteSnackist Sep 22 '22

To advocate for the devil, after Charlottsville he did condemn white nationalists and neo nazis, but the only part that gets discussed is when he said the "fine people on both sides" comment. The immediate follow-up to that was "I'm not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally", but it was still reported that "Trump called neo nazis 'fine people'".

This article illustrates my point very well. The headline is flat out wrong, even if you believe Trump would defend white nationalist, he explicitly didn't.

Trump has done plenty of piss poor crap, don't get me wrong, much of which is worthy of condemnation. But, I'm not sure how much his condemnation would matter. I'm not saying that he just shouldn't condemn evil people, he absolutely should, but even when he does, news articles claim that he didn't. I don't believe for a second that Trump isn't egomaniacal enough to not condemn evil people just to piss people off after that. Obviously that's the wrong move, but Trump seems to win with his base anyway. Either he condemns evil people and his "mainstream media" lies about it, which gets his base riled up for him, or he doesn't and now he's trolling the libs and they love it too.

He wins either way.


u/IndependentEmergency Sep 22 '22

I like how racist the President supposedly is, yet he chose a black woman for his vice president, and he worked with our first black president. He so cleverly hides his racism by pretending to be Obama's friend.

Thanks a lot, Obama.


u/Ye_Old_Sniffer Sep 22 '22

I sometimes wonder if he meant to say "stand down and stand aside" and just bungled his sentence. But that doesn't really matter when he's too prideful or vindictive to correct himself on a mistake, a la covfefe.


u/Donovan1232 Sep 23 '22

Nah i saw a pretty funny one. Somw dude on youtube said he really meant to say stand down and just had a "slip of the tongue". I want to be able to laugh at them but considering these people can vote and put him back in power its not really that funny anymore


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/sanguinesolitude Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Trump's allies actively worked with the Proud boys to plan Jan 6th. They literally provided security for Roger Stone. He said exactly what he meant, and they heard the message loud and clear. You're delusional to think otherwise given that they 100% stood by and showed up to overturn the election for the guy who asked them to.

"I condemn the proud boys" is not a hard statement to make and yet he didn't. I thought you guys were all "he tells it like it is" except whenever he says unacceptable shit you immediately swing to "Well what he meant to say was..."


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/sanguinesolitude Sep 22 '22

I'm guessing a lot of things don't make sense to you. Bless your heart for trying though.


u/Admirable-Bar-6594 Sep 22 '22

We've been hearing this for 6 years...

"Well akshually, even though he said those exact words what he really meant was this exact opposite."


u/TheTaoOfOne Sep 22 '22

What did he actually mean then, if not what he said? This isn't some q anon conspiracy theory where you have to solve a puzzle to figure out what it means.


u/90daylimitedwarranty Sep 22 '22

except he was asked numerous times about it and would change it - in fact he was asked numerous times to denounce the proud boys and it was like the 20th or 21st time, someone literally said "you've been asked 20 times now, literally to denounce the proud boys and you always beat around the bush" so yeah, he definitely meant stand by, with out question.


u/moesif Sep 22 '22

Then he could have clarified with a tweet or a "truth" at some point. He didn't.


u/Global_Shower_4534 Sep 22 '22

The proud boys from my understanding wasn't originally a racist organization. The ironic thing is it became one because of everyone that kept saying it was one. That being said Trump still shouldn't of told anyone to "stand by" in that context.


u/i_will_let_you_know Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Your understanding is wrong. The original creator left because it wasn't racist enough for him. That's the kind of person that created the group.

Later that year, the Proud Boys went to a white supremacist rally. Imagine that not being "good enough."

Moreover, that notion is nonsense. Organizations don't massively change their goals and structure solely because of gossip. It's not a decentralized group without leaders.


u/Global_Shower_4534 Sep 23 '22

I honestly stopped paying attention to them about as quick as they hit my radar. From what I saw a majority (at least from the loudest ones) weren't racist, but they were self righteous douchebags. After (maybe during, I'm willing to concede) everyone started calling it a racist organization, the douchebags left and the racists took their place.

My point is that regardless of when it went from bad to worse, the racists blew the gathering horn and we all helped spread the sound.