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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Were-watching Sep 22 '22

This needs to happen more.


u/xActuallyabearx Sep 22 '22

Yes, but what needs to happen even more is him stopping to wonder why the kkk keeps showing up to support his buddies. Curious 🤔


u/chilidoggo Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

You know what makes the KKK not show up to your events? When you tell them straight up that you do not want them there.

From the 2020 debates

WALLACE: You have repeatedly criticized the vice president for not specifically calling out antifa and other left-wing extremist groups. But are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we've seen in Portland? Are you prepared to specifically do that?

TRUMP: Sure, I'm prepared to do that. But I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing. If you look, I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace.

WALLACE: Then do it, sir.

BIDEN: Do it. Say it.

TRUMP: You want to call them? What do you want to call them? Give me a name, give me a name, go ahead — who would you like me to condemn?

WALLACE: White supremacists, white supremacists and right-wing militia.

TRUMP: Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what: Somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left. Because this is not a right-wing problem — this is a left-wing problem.


u/TheBelhade Sep 22 '22

Telling somebody to stop what they're doing is "stand down". "Stand by" means to await further orders. He obviously do is that on purpose hoping no one would know the difference.


u/Jonnny Sep 22 '22

Not to mention saying "Stand down" is to issue orders, implicitly acknowledging you're the leader of their shitstain "movement" wannabe.


u/LSDkiller Sep 23 '22

Stand by is even more acknowledging that you are the leader because it implies that even more orders are coming. Stand down ostensibly could just be a president telling misguided people who respect him to stop. Stand by is, "good so far, now await my further commands". Honestly though, I think he just posted that because he's an idiot. Trump knows they would follow further orders later even if he told them to stand down, and come on it's not like he was planning to go back on Twitter a few hours later and write "now get pence out of the bunker for me guys".

He's just a clumsy guy who is terrible with words, at least by any normal persons metric. That's what I dislike most about him personally. I don't care about his politics, it's not his anyway. If you've paid attention and know who trump is as a person, where he's from, you'd know that before the election he didn't believe in or care about half that crap. What he cares about most is being famous and people thinking he's right and "winning". Politics, especially populist racist culture war politics was his way to get there. I'm sure now he "believes" it, whatever that means for a guy like trump to whom the truth just isn't important.


u/A_Canadian_appears Sep 22 '22

It's also possible he's just a moron who can't string two words together with any kind of competence.

But yeah, that was wild


u/Watertor Sep 22 '22

The hard part is accepting he's not a moron. He's the cheapest, laziest bastard you can imagine. But he's not an idiot. Everything he does and has done for the past 20 years has been thoroughly pageantry to do exactly what he wants to do whenever he wants to do it.


u/A_Canadian_appears Sep 22 '22

Multiple types of intelligence. He's a clever grifter, but he's very dumb in other ways.


u/mnmminies Sep 22 '22

Very dumb. No smart person signs a bill strengthening laws around taking classified documents that don’t belong to them (just to get back at their political opponents) only to then, after multiple warnings from advisors and lawyers, go and take hundreds of the most classified documents. Yes, he knows how to grift with the best of them, but if he actually was smart he would have sold masks with his face and name on them and told his supporters “we’re all in this together.” He could have easily been re-elected if he just stopped tweeting and took COVID seriously. Everything that is happening to him is his own fault.


u/Watertor Sep 22 '22

He pretends to be dumb. None of us know what he actually is like behind closed doors, which is a figurehead for hundreds of individuals that make the network of diarrhea that helms this country. I'm not saying he's a genius, I'm just saying don't downplay that he's exactly where he wants to be and he wants you (or voters like you) to think of him exactly how you think of him. It makes it easier when you tell a Republican "He's an idiot" for said Republican to deflect and assume you're the actual idiot. It's literally all part of the 60 year long chess game the GOP has been playing. The idea that he's dumb or nothing more than clever is just one of the many pieces.


u/A_Canadian_appears Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Mmmmmmm....I think you're giving him too much credit, tbh. I don't think he's "exactly where he wants to be". Where he wants to be is the oval office, free from investigation, lining the wallets of himself, his family, and his friends and being lauded as the best president of the past century. I think he does manipulate the media by throwing as much shit at everything as possible (a lá Roy Cohn), but I'm not convinced his persona of being an idiot is artificed. His ego is too fragile for that, IMO.


u/i_will_let_you_know Sep 23 '22

Donald Trump was definitely not a part of the GOP's plan before 2014.


u/Watertor Sep 23 '22

No, but Trump himself made himself part of the plan, which is why he's not a Putin-esque placeholder for shadow state figures. Trump made claims in the 80s about this and rolled tide until he became President on a whim. Which is why he's not stupid, he's just an annoying, awful person. Yet he hemorrhage's money and still drives around every year of Rolls Royce that he feels like and somehow keeps going to do more silly, rich shit.

When I say "it's all part of the plan" I don't mean Trump, I mean denigrating anything about the GOP. Trump just laid himself into that cast perfectly.


u/i_will_let_you_know Sep 23 '22

If he was smart, he wouldn't make nearly as many mistakes with no benefit.


u/Watertor Sep 23 '22

Like I said, he's the laziest and cheapest bastard. He's also lived like a billionaire without ever being a billionaire, had worldwide renown and status, become president on literally absolutely nothing but smoke and mirrors, and has not been profitable or successful in just about anything while constantly getting more opportunities to be profitable and successful and facing no repercussions whatsoever.

If you could do it like he has, you would as well. But no one can be Donald "Holy shit why are you not in prison, under water, or hanged at a stake" Trump


u/Reliable-Information Sep 22 '22

Or maybe he is just a good actor.