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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Deadmemories8683 Sep 22 '22

Well now what an I supposed to wipe my ass with? A pine cone?


u/GothPolarBear Sep 22 '22 Silver

The three sea shells, obviously.


u/BurnzillabydaBay Sep 22 '22

I really wish we’d gotten an explanation of how the 3 shells work.


u/Hopeful_Hamster21 Sep 22 '22

Everyone does!

I've always thought that if they make a sequel, it should be a subtle running gag that he still doesn't know how to use the shells, but he wants to find out and can't.

Near the end of the movie, someone finally explains it to him, but just as he's get NG the explanation, there's like a train horn or something that prevents the audience from hearing.... Horn or explosion or whatever noise goes on long enough to conceal the whole conversation. Meanwhile, as John spartan listens... He goes through a roller coaster of faces... From surprised to disgusted to confused.... Fi ally landing on impressed and convinced. Horn noise stops and the audience hears him say "oh, so that's how. Wow, that actually makes a ton of sense." End Scene. Audience still left hanging to speculate.


u/BurnzillabydaBay Sep 22 '22

Lol, I’ve been hoping the same, a sequel with shell analysis, no pun intended.


u/Economy-Easy Sep 24 '22

And then you inspired a whole sequel to be written, for that gag. :D