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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/abbeaird Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy

Well I'm on board with this sentiment regardless of political affiliation


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u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/riotacting Sep 22 '22 Silver

Stand back and stand by


u/blackbart1 Sep 22 '22

To me the almost as bad part that nobody talked very much about was him claiming to not know about the groups. Claiming ignorance of important facts would be disqualifying in any sane society.


u/whyd_I_laugh_at_that Sep 22 '22

Particularly notable now that we have evidence Roger Stone worked closely with the group for years


u/Wistari Sep 23 '22

"Interviewing people like Stone is a complex and confounding kind of dance. He’s a celebrity, a convicted liar, and a Trump sycophant, and like a child born of all three, he’s prone to self-serving word salads sandwiched between half-truths and deflections."

I couldn't agree more.


u/Nacho_Papi Sep 22 '22 Narwhal Salute

And then the Proud Bitch Boys tweeted "Standing by, Sir."


u/therealkars Sep 23 '22

God that is so cringe


u/woodst0ck15 Sep 22 '22

I remember why no one talks about that stuff is cause he says so many bat crazy shit in such a short time people so it’s hard for people to keep track of it all. Good thing he was on Twitter and since his tweets are probably in the national archives since he said that his tweets were official statements they can retrieve those all to use against him.


u/Azalzaal Sep 22 '22

The proud boys are not a white nationalist or supremacist group so he was far from the only one who didn’t know about the groups


u/MoOrion4X Sep 22 '22

Yes they are.


u/choczynski Sep 22 '22

They are, according to internal documents and public statements from their spokespeople, Western chauvinist supremacist organization.

They do allow non- white/heterosexual/cisgendered men to join, but you have to affirm that white heterosexual cisgendered men are superior to you.

When they have been asked for an explanation of what they mean by "Western chauvinist" they have said white and sexist.


u/Azalzaal Sep 22 '22

if any of that were true it would be all over the internet


u/EasyasACAB Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

And it is.





“We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization,” said Chapman in a written statement. “We recognize that the West was built by the White Race alone and we owe nothing to any other race.”

I honestly can not believe you think this tactic of pretending well known information doesn't exist would work. What do you get out of this?


u/ninfan1977 Sep 22 '22

I wish i had more than one upvote for you. Thats mic drop moment imo. Its great when receipts are provided 👍


u/GurIllustrious4983 Sep 24 '22

Quote from wiki: “Proud of Your Boy" from the 2011 Disney musical Aladdin.

Oh the irony…


u/Azalzaal Sep 23 '22

Neither the ADL or SPLC categorize them as a white supremicist or nationalist group. Your own links back my point up.

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u/tytytytytytyty7 Sep 23 '22

Lol boy, do you have egg on YOUR face!


u/Kind-Engineering-359 Sep 23 '22

Let's not pretend white nationalists have any sense of shame

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u/MastaFoo69 Sep 22 '22

Yes thay are and they dont even try to hide it what are you on about champ?


u/Azalzaal Sep 22 '22

Prove it, show me a source where the proud boys say they’re white supremicist or nationalist


u/dreadpiratebeardface Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

You mean like this attack on a historic black church?


Or did you want to talk to the Proud Boys that I encountered in downtown Portland, with their iconography on full display, screaming about "n*gger lovers" and "zionists"? Or, I assume you would say those weren't REAL Proud Boys...

Get a grip, homie. This is a domestic terrorism organization rooted wholly in sexism and white supremacy.

Don't believe me? Lookup "Sundown towns" and the Northwestern Front. Google Oregon's racist history. I'll stop there, since that's probably already too much for you.


u/Azalzaal Sep 22 '22

Neither of those constitute white supremacy. The real clue is that Wikipedia, which would be bursting to say it, does describe the kkk as a white supremicist organization, but does not the proud boys. PB are deliberately non white supremicist. Best that can be argued is they are but are hiding it. But the commenter above dismissed even that.

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u/tytytytytytyty7 Sep 23 '22

Someone else already did hahajaha


u/GurIllustrious4983 Sep 24 '22

Are there black and brown members of the proud boys? How about Asians?


u/Pees_On_Skidmarks Sep 23 '22

He likes stupid people. And stupid people like him.


u/bag_of_oatmeal Sep 22 '22

"I love you"

Told to those attempting coup.


u/pissclamato Sep 22 '22 Wholesome Seal of Approval

That sentence is the exact moment I went from left-leaning centrist to full-on Team Blue.


u/riotacting Sep 22 '22

I have voted for more Republicans than democrats in my life... always been an unaffiliated voter. 2018 was my first straight blue ticket, and it felt really weird. But I don't see myself voting red again unless the party excises the cancer. I won't even vote for a kingzinger, who I respect because the party needs to feel consequences.


u/craa141 Sep 23 '22

O thats a tough one.

If Kinzinger loses it means that any GOP unaligned to Trump will think thats their fate. I think he has to win to show everyone that GOP candidates can win even with balls and a conscience.


u/cassiclock Sep 23 '22

Kinzinger isn't running again. I'm sure he's not leaving politics though


u/craa141 Sep 23 '22

Ah I didn't know that. It's unfortunate. He at least seems to have a backbone.


u/cassiclock Sep 23 '22

I agree. I doubt we've heard the last of him in any case


u/Significant_Ant3447 Sep 23 '22

You're a minority coming out of that party lol. Good on you for having morals over party unlike most!


u/Silverpathic Sep 23 '22

So you would rather cut your nose off to spite your face? That is what you just said.


u/riotacting Sep 23 '22

I'd cut off my nose to remove a cancer that could kill me... even if the cancer only covers 95% of my nose... the rest of it is probably coming off too.

Or we can skip the platitudes, and say that yes - while I agree with many (definitely not all) of his policy positions and appreciate he acknowledges the reality that biden won, I consider his continued association with the republican party a disqualifier.

Yes, he's trying to reform it from the inside, but I've completely given up on that idea in the past 8 months. The Republicans had a GREAT chance to move past Trump after the election... but they made a different choice.


u/Silverpathic Sep 23 '22

I would rather vote for what's right about the person I am specifically vote for rather then not vote because someone in the same party you dislike and has nothing to do with the person you are voting for. That is the silliest thing I have ever heard.


u/riotacting Sep 23 '22

It's not "someone else" I disagree with in the party... it's everyone else in the party who demonstrate moral cowardice. They're not dumb people, but they refuse to publicly acknowledge reality out of some weird fear feedback loop between fox news, Donald Trump, religious fanatics, and the proudly ignorant.

It should not be hard to say "Joe biden is the duly elected president. Donald Trump lost the election."

If Adam wants my vote, he can run as an independent (and move to Pennsylvania).

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u/RivRise Sep 23 '22

I respect your ideals and morals even though we probably are very different people.


u/AspiringChildProdigy Sep 22 '22

Trump managed to turn me (and my husband) from "I don't really pay attention to politics, but I've been raised that Christians vote red" to "What in the holy fuck are Republicans trying to do?!" to "Oh, fuck no, you fascists. Team blue all the way down."

If the GOP wanted to retain power, they really shouldn't have jostled people like us out of our complacency.


u/yeswecann Sep 23 '22

Let us pray this a harbinger for the largest midterms' massacre in American history.


u/CaissaIRL Sep 23 '22

Saaaame. I have never even tried to look into politics until Trump was in the picture especially with the Pandemic at hand at the time. Cause screw that guy and what he propagates.


u/Economy-Easy Sep 23 '22

I'd be wary of blue too. Blue can really suck and has its own serious issues. I suggest researching the individual candidates. Who knows, a red might be better than a blue sometimes. Depending on the race, some other party even, might be the better choice.

Blue really screwed over Bernie, and then Bernie's campaign really screwed over volunteers like me during his last presidential race. I did do research and it still sucked...But, I'm going to keep researching.


u/Greenknight419 Sep 24 '22

Party matters. What party controls congress matters. When one party as a whole goes off the rails keeping it from the leavers of power becomes more important that any single representative.

So you found the one impressive, reasoned, honorable R representative in the country. Doesn't matter, their vote gives power to the crazies that are in control of the party and who set the agenda. You can go with the best candidate regardless of party when both parties are healthy and sane people are in charge. Right now that is not true for the R party.


u/Economy-Easy Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

Research--due diligence, is necessary for a democracy to work. Voting blue, for example without researching Joe Manchin (Democrat) will probably not have the effect that you want despite his wearing blue.

My point is that the individuals matter and doing your own research matters. You can't assume just because someone dresses up a certain way, they stand for certain things. They are people with thoughts and reasoning.

I recognize in myself the prejudice in my heart-- that I would have been afraid of that bright, red man. I would have crossed the street. Hearing his public freakout warms my heart and reminds me Republican's are not a block I can just prejudge. There are so many of them. We did not just happen upon one in this video. There are at least 2 brave enough to say something against the unseen KKK in this video. My firm has a client that is one too and he values my opinion. I prejudged him, and thought he would avoid me.

Who is in the party matters. Just a handful of poorly selected "democrats" can derail the party and have. Don't blindly assume blue is good. Poke at them. Make sure they can back up their claims. A handful of discerning Republican's can also derail the party.


The Senate is 50 Rep 48 Dem and 2 independents. If we could get more Independents, then we could start focusing on what people independently stand for not what we assume their identity as a Republican or Democrat could POSSIBLY mean.


u/Greenknight419 Sep 25 '22

If Joe Manchin was defeated by a republican Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader.

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u/Economy-Easy Sep 23 '22

Blue can really suck, though. I would suggest researching the individual candidates. Who knows a red might be better than a blue sometimes. Depending on the race, some other party even, might be the better choice. Blue really screwed over Bernie, and then Bernie's campaign really screwed over volunteers like me during his last presidential race. I did do research and it still sucked...But, I'm going to keep researching.


u/pissclamato Sep 23 '22

Everything can suck sometimes, but I choose the side without the white supremacy.


u/Economy-Easy Sep 23 '22

To this bright, red guy's point in the video, they are not all white supremacists. And to the point of the other people in the thread both sides have racists in them. Some just don't say it to our faces, and in some ways, that's more insidious. You can prepare for a large, loud truck coming down the road as a cyclist, but a silent electric vehicle can sneak up on you. It's up to each driver and yourself how things go down.

Be cautious with both and don't vote blindly for any color.


u/HowYoBootyholeTaste Sep 23 '22

Dude literally had white supremacists chanting that it's the "white house" because it belongs to white people


u/prayforcasca Sep 22 '22

YUP. He knew what he was doing.


u/mealucra Sep 22 '22



u/03ifa014 Sep 22 '22

Yep. That's all you need to say.


u/ModeratorBoterator Sep 22 '22

Remember when the president told the honey pot memebers to stand by!!!!


u/Mr_HandSmall Sep 23 '22

"Stand by" until needed for a coup attempt


u/mursilissilisrum Sep 23 '22

Nuts to butts. To fight the LGBT agenda.


u/Terrible-Pattern-124 Sep 23 '22

Lmfao 🤣 Duuuude!!! Good times lol I hope we look back at these times and chuckle at how stupid, ignorant, and allowing the rich get richer and poor poorer. We should all be coming together for the good of us all and our future generations vs trying to size each other up and win with money in the bank when we check out. Questioning on our deathbed if we really lived…

But nOoooo we’re in this made up rat race


u/GurIllustrious4983 Sep 24 '22

Yeah that was a huge jaw dropping moment for me. My family didn’t catch his words then but it gave me a bad vibe.


u/rdfiasco Sep 22 '22

Nobody ever accused Trump of being precise in his language