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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/fefman123 Sep 22 '22 Silver

Isn’t it a good thing that he’s against the kkk


u/iceflame1211 Sep 22 '22

Yes. However, it's dude in red's first trump rally and he's sad to learn that all the racists and hate groups are indeed massive trump supporters.


u/Drexelhand Sep 22 '22

patriot punisher skull shirt says homeboy is unaware of his own conflicting values and is just into murder.


u/Johnycantread Sep 22 '22

I can't get over "y'all makin us look bad out here" without a hint of self awareness or irony


u/alex8155 Sep 22 '22

i refuse to believe that he doesnt already know that theyll all be in the same line ready to all vote Republican every election