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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Czsixteen Sep 22 '22

Now that's interesting.


u/jasapper Sep 22 '22 Wholesome Seal of Approval

If it's an older guy he may have just never gotten the memo re: Dems and Reps swapping ideologies back during the Civil Rights Movement.


u/PrestigeCitywide Sep 23 '22

Lmao. I’m just imagining the man never paying an ounce of attention to anything other than when the election takes place then showing up and voting for Democrats because he assumes they’re still the most racist option. Thanks for that lol


u/omghorussaveusall Sep 23 '22

That goddamned King preacher is a fucking Republican. Ain't never gonna catch me voting for those race traitors!


u/RazekDPP Sep 23 '22

"I ain't never gunna vote for the party of Lincoln, they done did freed them there slaves!!"


u/DrBigChicken Sep 23 '22

They are the best option to vote for if you hate people of color


u/PrestigeCitywide Sep 23 '22

Go on. I’ll hear you out


u/military_dad_wi Sep 22 '22

Early 50's. Just really dislikes black people for no reason other than racist. We've had a few go arounds.


u/invalidcrazy Sep 22 '22

The ideological switch happened during the great depression


u/fla_john Sep 23 '22

It began during the Depression, really turned during Civil Rights, and was complete with the election of Ronald Reagan


u/ralexander1997 Sep 23 '22

I love that leftists can’t even agree when the infamous party switch was supposed to have happened lmao


u/cruss4612 Sep 23 '22 'MURICA

Ugh. Your statement holds as much credibility as saying the sky is green.

Maybe, if you've never looked at any of the evidence.

The Democrats didn't stop being racist, they learned how to be racist quietly. Republicans didn't destroy black families, welfare did. And democrats want it to go further. The policies that end up screwing minorities the hardest and in inescapable ways, have always been supported by democrats. Hell Democrats brought back fucking segregation ayfs? But it's OK if we segregate now though, for inclusivity. They literally justify it as being equal to everyone else's, but separate.

Republicans didn't trap minorities and the poor with a structured incentive to be generational dependent on welfare. Republicans didn't cosponsor the bills that became laws to put "Super Predators" behind bars. Or to give police departments fucking hand grenades and tanks and antimateriel machine guns. Republicans are definitely to blame for the drug war that's killed millions, broken millions of homes, stamped on minority communities, and prevented important research on medicine. Republicans want work requirements and that's racist, except democrats prefer welfare recipients to legitimately have zero responsibility. Which is actually more damaging?

Let's not kid ourselves, the Republicans didn't actually switch with the democrats. All elections and the policies put in place during that time showed gradual but steady encroachment from the North. And as Republicans moved in, Jim Crow Laws were repealed or ended.

NEOCONS are fucking awful. I mean, they gave us the Bush family and Trump. But Democrats have been horribly racist, but they literally buy the black vote. Johnson opposed civil rights and called a SC Justice the N word. His strategy for securing the black vote was to start what our welfare system has become. Incentivizing single mother's (not fathers), no work, in government housing, eating government food, with money for clothes coming from government. Sound familiar? And here's why. It keeps them in check. They can take everything away at the drop of a pin. Do something they don't like, gone. Get too loud about something like giving a whole city full of black folk syphilis, then lie about treatment and watch them slowly die when a cure is available to gain knowledge we already knew. Gone. Btw FDR was the approval on that.

The current president has so many racially charged "gaffes" that he then voted in line with, I can't believe that anyone still believes this bullshit. Every single Democrat president has directly done something, or done something to make everyday life harder for Blacks. Voter ID is a one day a year thing. And it's racist af to say that black folks are so poor they can't get the thing they will get arrested(or shot) for not having. Fuck man, most ID laws say a piece of mail that matches stated name and address of record will work. Like junk mail. Or bill collectors. Or a electricity bill. Which is more damaging? Having an ID that you're already legally required to carry? Or being a child hearing "Black people are so poor they can't get a basic legal requirement"?

They didn't switch, they learned how to be low key.


u/BlackSilkEy Sep 23 '22

My brother in Christ...if I had the $crilla you would have 2 gold awards rn. Probably the best summary of the African American political struggle I've seen on reddit.


u/justtryingtounderst Sep 23 '22

what this fuck is this bizarre rant? this ain't even true...

go fuck yourself for your propaganda. Enough people have been hurt already.


u/cruss4612 Sep 23 '22

It ain't propaganda. When examining cause and effect, it's clear what happened in the 60s and 70s.

Structurally, both parties remain the same as they were then. Democrats have been locked into their platform for 100 years, that didn't change. Very pro government. Very much pro welfare state. Very much exactly the same on every issue. Except one tiny thing.

There's zero evidence that the party even changed ideology besides "yes they did". They had Robert fucking Byrd as one of their highest held colleagues. The big "progressive" figures, Johnson, Byrd, FDR, Clinton, Obama, all of them did heavy damage to black households and their ability to ever be equal to white ones.

They just got better at image. The Democrats are masters at image. They change the terminology to suit their agenda. But they'll still have black folk eating in the gutter while they actively put measures in place that are structured to have the same end goal. They didn't switch parties. The racists got better at being racist.

Or are you going to tell me everything I mentioned was unintended. That Johnson didn't know when he said he'd have their vote for 200 years, that it was racist. He's friggin on tape N Wording all about Clarence Thomas. He called the Civil Rights Act the N word bill. He was a documented racist. Clinton said multiple abhorrent racist ass things while in office.

What's more likely? The party responsible for Jim Crow Laws suddenly up and changed ONE aspect of their approach? Or that the people who staffed that party became quietly calculating on how to suppress black folks success?


u/zaxdaman Sep 23 '22

Still there’s this one Dem candidate…something, something…Obama. Did old guy still vote Dem?


u/Pbx123456 Sep 23 '22

You mean the guy is still pissed off about the party of Lincoln? Did he miss out on the 1960’s civil rights switcharoo?


u/pauljaytee Sep 23 '22

No, not remarkable. Any open group of sufficient size will attract scumbags and extremists.

It doesn't matter what the group says they'll do.

What matters is whether the groups actually take action to address the offenders


u/TheCamerlengo Sep 22 '22

Yes it is. It seems improbable but there is always that one exception to the rule.