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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/IcyEntertainment8908 Sep 23 '22

As a southerner by birth and mostly raised in the north (parents grew up in the south) I express southern pride by saying shit like "yall" or "kit and kaboodle" or "pertinear"

Ya know? Fun stuff. I never understood the southern pride as flying a "rebel" flag. Its flat out disgusting to me.


u/EmilioFreshtevez Sep 23 '22

I live in Iowa and see a shitload of confederate flags to “represent their heritage.” This is interesting to me, because quite often these people have family lines that have been in the state for generations - and Iowa was never in the Confederacy.


u/military_dad_wi Sep 23 '22

Especially when this guy has no southern roots, let alone visited there.


u/IcyEntertainment8908 Sep 23 '22

And that their idea of the Confederate flag may not even be tied to the "south" just "heritage". What heritage? Hmmm?


u/Rawnblade12 Sep 24 '22

Neither did I.

It's the flag of traitors, of racists who fought for the right to own other human beings.

What heritage? What pride? The Confederacy only lasted 4 fucking years!