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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/Czsixteen Sep 22 '22

Now that's interesting.


u/jasapper Sep 22 '22 Wholesome Seal of Approval

If it's an older guy he may have just never gotten the memo re: Dems and Reps swapping ideologies back during the Civil Rights Movement.


u/PrestigeCitywide Sep 23 '22

Lmao. I’m just imagining the man never paying an ounce of attention to anything other than when the election takes place then showing up and voting for Democrats because he assumes they’re still the most racist option. Thanks for that lol


u/omghorussaveusall Sep 23 '22

That goddamned King preacher is a fucking Republican. Ain't never gonna catch me voting for those race traitors!