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[MINI FAQ] Do I have to be a woman to participate here? What about the subreddit name? What about trans women? What are the rules, anyway?


Do I have to be a woman to participate in this community?

No. Any user who can follow the rules is welcome here. Women, men, nonbinary, agender, genderqueer, cis folks and trans folks, everybody. If you're not on board with that, you can fuck right off.

But what about the subreddit name?

Read this post from when 2XC was only a month old. We haven't changed our stance since then, and never will.

What about trans women?

Trans women are women. TERFS can fuck right off.

What are the rules, anyway?

TL;DR: Keep it civil, keep it relevant. Don't start shit, won't be shit.

You can find the rules in the sidebar (community info for mobile users), or here's a direct link: 2XC Rules

Most moderator actions are the result of users breaking Rule 1: RESPECT. If you keep Wheaton's Law* in mind and participate in good faith, you'll probably never hear from the mod team.


*Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

For more in-depth interpretations of the rules above, see the 2XC FAQ and 2XC Moderation Policy.

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Support Icky


I’ve just returned home from a trans vaginal ultrasound to determine if the findings of a recent CT scan were uterine fibroids or not.

I’d explained the process and procedure to my husband before I left.

Upon my return, his first words to me were, “Did you guy a good fucking?”

I was foolishly thinking he’d ask how it had gone. Nope. Maybe even express some sympathy. Oh no.

I wish I could have told him that’s an awful thing to say, maybe even to explain why it made me choke up and want to vomit; but in that moment I couldn’t muster up any wit at all, much less to explain how unpleasantly vile I was feeling.

So I glossed over it. And he’s taking a nap while I type to Reddit with a choking feeling in my throat and a runny nose, refusing to cry.

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My dad's wife's brother is an ignorant creep.


I was recently accepted to an MD-PhD program, and my dad and his wife – who he married a year ago – took my boyfriend and me out to dinner last night to celebrate. My dad's wife also invited her brother along, and this was the first time I had ever met this dude. And, man, I haven't missed much by not knowing this dude, who I'll call Larry for the purposes of this story.

Larry started things off by making my boyfriend uncomfortable. To provide the context, I'm white and my boyfriend is of Vietnamese descent. And this dude makes comments about China and such, then says to be my boyfriend "Bet you know all about that, huh?" Ugh. Larry then made remarks about what sort of kids my boyfriend and I would have. Yeah, we're both still undergrads at the moment, and I have a lot of school ahead of me still. Kids are the last thing on our minds. I texted my boyfriend later apologizing for all that mess, and said he just laughed it off. He is a saint. <3 I still feel terrible, however. He shouldn't have to put up with that.

My boyfriend left early, as he had an early class this morning. Larry then decided to pointedly ask me, "So, are the stereotypes about Asian guys true? I mean, you're kind of small, so you're probably okay with it, huh?" Dude. Freaking gross. My dad's wife said nothing to this, but thankfully, my dad called him out on that. Larry backed off and insisted he was "just making conversation." Ugh.

The whole thing made me feel gross. And so bad for my boyfriend as well. He's an all-around amazing guy, and I'm ashamed of the way he was treated. I told my dad that I would prefer not to have to deal with Larry again in the future. My dad agreed but pointed out that he's technically family, which I didn't entirely agree with. Maybe Larry is that to my dad, but not to me, and I don't feel I'm out of line for thinking so. I'm also annoyed that this dinner was supposed to be a celebration, and this dude really made it a not-so-fun affair.

Phew. This was more of a rant (feels nice to get it all out!), but if anyone has any advice or feedback, I would welcome it.

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My family congratulated me on my weight loss. I was thin to begin with, and I’m now underweight due to health issues. The hypocrisy is infuriating.


1- why do people think I (or any woman for that matter) look good or even better when I’m sick? You can see my bones, my eyes are sunken in, and I’m covered in bruises. But that’s ok because my “envious achievement” to drop below 50kg trumps the fact I don’t have thighs/a belly anymore?! If your beauty standard asserts that light, weak, sick, tired women are more attractive, you need therapy. 2- I lost 15% of my weight in only a few months but no one’s concerned for me. Does anybody seriously still think that health isn’t a hypocritical excuse to be fatphobic? Bullshit. 3- what is there to fucking congratulate? Even when healthy, it’s normal for weight to fluctuate. It’s not like I made a necessary difficult change for bettering my health. I didn’t workout and get fit, so why are you looking at me as if I mastered the art of deadlifting? So congrats on what exactly? Being “hotter”? By what distorted standard and who tf said I strive for that sexist bullshit.

This is all fucked up and I want no part in it. I wish I could hold my fries down so I could gain my ass, stomach, thighs and tits back. But most of all, when I’m healthy again and back to my normal weight, I can’t wait to see who will actually tell me that’s it’s good to see me healthy and strong again. Those are the people and feedback that I welcome into my life.

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Their naturally thick and long eyelashes

Like, how are they so pretty. Super jealous.

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I want to be treated like a princess. Why is that so bad!?


I’m not helpless or lazy or entitled or anything like that. I don’t need someone to pay my bills or buy me a car or constantly pick up the tab when we go out.

But I DO want someone to treat me like a princess. Open my door. Walk on the side of the sidewalk closer to the street. Buy me flowers. Make an attempt to win me over instead of just looking at me as someone to fuck. I want to be treated like a princess but not someone jo is helpless.

Romance, man. I might be idealizing it but wow, I am so tired of hook up culture and men after one night stands. Recently went out with a friend of friend who has been talking about me for months and wanting to take me out… he got belligerently drunk, threw up on the street, threw up all over his bathroom, and still tried to make a move on me despite me saying no multiple times… I only took him back to his place to make sure he didn’t pass out on the way. And then asked me the next morning if I enjoyed myself the night before 🙃

ETA: y’all it’s just for fun!!! I have high standards and have no issue with them. Tbh I’m pretty cool so I’m fine hanging out by myself until the man who meets my standards comes along!

ETA 2: stop telling me I need to bring something to the table. I do. It’s a joke. Calm down.

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A rant and a rave


I’m a woman and teach at the college level. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from my fellow women professors. I’ve mostly escaped the traditional misogyny (I’ve assumed) because I’m also a 20 year military veteran.

Mostly escape doesn’t mean completely.

And it does seem as though with the rise of fascism and anti-semitism comes the rise of anti-women.

The Rant One of my make students presented a speech today that men should be “dangerous” and learn to fight and women shouldn’t. One piece of evidence was that a woman once called herself a man (I do not know if this person of transgender) and couldn’t do it so therefore men are stronger. I previewed this student’s speech prior to him presenting it, and warned him that it was poorly researched, had multiple logical fallacies, and would not result in a speech that would give him a passing grade in the class.

He ignored the advice (shock) and presented it anyway.

The Rave It was two men in my class who call the speaker out, calling it ridiculous, pointing out the historical inaccuracies, the logical fallacies, and finally pointing out that the professor (me) had done for 20 years something he claimed women couldn’t do. Eventually, I had to halt the Q&A as the speaker was getting heated.

The speaker won’t learn his lesson. I honestly don’t think he has the critical thinking skills to figure out what he did wrong, but those that stood up to the misogyny made me proud. In a world where it is easier to stay quiet, be a Kevin and Jason.

This new generation gives me hope.

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Male partner was shocked that I ignored a man approaching me in the street at night


This happened last night, my fiancé and I had gone to a nearby supermarket and I'd left the store about a minute earlier than him.

Almost as soon as I left the store, a man started saying 'Lady, excuse me, hello' etc and kept trying to get my attention and walked up to me. I was purposefully ignoring him until my partner came out. The guy ended up to be asking for directions and we live locally so were able to help him, but when he walked off my partner asked why I'd been ignoring him. We don't live in the best area and I've been approached multiple times for money, had a guy yell abuse at me when I refused to give him money, and had a guy hit on me and then offer me drugs. It just didn't cross my partner's mind to ignore someone that might be in trouble, but I'd rather ignore than put myself at risk.

Edit: Didn't expect this to get so much attention. For everyone saying this is a 'red flag', to me it was quite clear my partner's brain was going "someone needs help, I'll help them" without considering any possible danger. To be fair we were still under CCTV area right outside the grocery store.

I will be having a chat with him this weekend about it though, to make sure he fully understands why I was ignoring this guy and that it's not okay for a strange man to be shouting at/approaching a single woman especially in the dark!!

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Support | Trigger My father didn't remember that he kicked me in my stomach when I was 13 y/o Female


He said he didn't do it and lied to me. I literally remembered it so vividly and it's very painful. I cracked my tab and he got mad and rage, he kicked my stomach 2 and three times. Now that I'm 21, I think I want to stop talking to my father. I tried really hard to talk to my father. Making a bond but he always picks on me and belittles me. He didn't care if I got good grades in college. Now that I've finished my diploma and I worked a part-time job but only last for 3 months long because there were some issues. And yea, he is still picking on me for that. I'm the youngest in my family, my parents are 62, my brother 23, and the oldest one 34 is abusive, he choked me last year, never talked to him since when I was born. My sister is 26, and managed to get a job this year same time as me after she was jobless fo 2 years. I think my father picked on me just because my other siblings have a job.. meanwhile, i don't. I feel like my life here is suffering and depressing. I dislike this home. I wish they don't have me. Please don't downvote this post, I really need some help.

My English isn't good because it's my second language so I'm sorry.

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Being Called "Mommy" Fills Me with Rage


For context, I am 20f and in college. My boobs are definitely on the larger side (i'm between a DDD and E cup) and I always have had larger boobs since middle school. After years of having major insecurities about my boobs (both from men being creepy about it to girls I was friends with in middle and high school putting me down for them), I have finally started to feel confident and now feel comfortable wearing tighter or more revealing clothes.

With all that being said, I have been called "Mommy" many times by many different men, and it drives me fucking crazy. I hate it. I will post something to my story on snapchat (for example i posted a mirror photo where i was wearing a dress with a turtleneck underneath it, i was completely covered) and men will slide up and say shit like "Ugh mommy" or "I want milk" or "milky" with 100% seriousness and it disgusts me. Do men think it is a compliment? A lot of the time the men who say this are older than me! I do not understand it and it makes me so angry.

I am honestly so sick and tired of hearing this fucking comment. Every time I hear it, I want to tell the man's real mother. Calling someone Mommy should not just be a normal thing to say to someone with big boobs, yet it is. It isn't a joke, it isn't funny, and the only thing calling me Mommy does is instantly turn me off from a person. Does anyone else feel this way? I feel so alone in feeling so angry and uncomfortable when I am called mommy, but i know there have to be other likeminded people out there. Please tell me there are...

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New month, check your chest and pits


Hi folks, I posted last month and thought that if I remember I’d like to post each time. Do a chest/breast exam. Lots of people make a habit of doing it at the beginning of each month, so consider me your reminder. Every month. Get used to doing it . My beautiful amazing lil sister is currently in chemo after discovering a small lump at the end of the summer. She is only 33 - cancer can hit young, and catching it early is ideal. I’m her twin sister, and now considered an above average risk for breast cancer, so I’m doing my exams like clockwork. We have basically no family history, this came out of nowhere. So please check your armpits and chest/or breasts. One in 8 people with uteruses are diagnosed.

There are lots of resources online to advise in doing your own exam to check for irregularities and lumps. Here’s one, and this site also offers suggestions for what to do if you find something strange. https://www.breastcancer.org/screening-testing/breast-self-exam-bse

Take care! - M

Edit: thank you for the award! 💗

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Why does the black community hate black women?


I go on YouTube and the media in general and all I see is black people trying to convince the world why black women are unattractive and aren't wroth loving or giving support too. For example I see a video talking about protecting black women and it has basically zero views but a video giving reasons why you shouldn't protect black women, why they don't deserve protection, and that black men should put themselves first has millions of views and people agreeing. It seems like the message here is that black men should put themselves first and black women should always put themselves last and fight for a community of people who hate us. I mean it's so obvious. I just don't understand it. Why do black women and black men hate black women/ girls so much? And why do deep down black people seem to have so much anger and resentment towards black children? I don't know if this is the right place to post this but it just seems like we have so much anger and rage towards black women for just existing.

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I never want kids. Why is that such a bad thing?


Why is it expected that every woman's dream is to someday find a husband and have a family? For the longest time, I thought that's what I wanted, because that's what I was told growing up. That's what I saw on TV.

I don't like mess. I don't like germs or dirty diapers, or crisp covered fingers, or snotty noses. I like investing time in taking care of myself, and doing things spontaneously. I don't like the high possibility of me getting postnatal depression, or loose skin, or hair loss. I like looking nice and feeling nice.

I don't want a family. I want a life partner I can live a nice, adult life with. Not attend school plays and kids parks with.

I want to go Paragliding in Turkey and take a helicopter ride over Iguazù falls. I don't want to go to Disney land during peak times or go to the cinema to watch a kid's movie I won't like. I want to be an adult. I know there is satisfaction in raising a child but it is so easy to mess it up, I don't think I'd have the patience for it.

Having kids is not for everybody. Why is that so bad?

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After 5 doctors, I'm finally being listened to.


I've had lots of problems with my cycles and had been to 4 different gynecologists. No one, male or female, seemed to fully listen to me. Any time i would mention anything outside of birth control to help it was shut down either because of my age (26) or supposedly the insurance company. Even told its either natural or bc. No one would talk any kind of surgery, even just removing my endometriosis.

My friend recommended me to his sisters gyno, as they were helping her with similar problems. I had my first appointment 2 days ago. That day, they scheduled me for an ultrasound and immediate follow up appointment for today. After my ultrasound and follow up, the new doctor tells me she sees what is causing my problems and gets a surgery consultation appointment scheduled for the beginning of January.

Finally, the one thing i knew that would help, after lots of research and a dozen rejected bc because of side effects, i was finally being listened to and my surgery options already listed for me to start thinking about before the consultation. I just feel like my problems are actually being taken seriously by the people who can help me without pressuring me to try a new pill because of my past experience.

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Support Older man flirting with me at work and it’s making me anxious


I guess title. I’m 26 and I’m not sure how old he is, maybe late 50s to 60s but I’m really bad at gauging ages.

Context: I work at a daycare open til close. I’m usually there with one other co-worker til close, everyone else is day shift hours. Also relevant, I’ve been trying to be more charismatic because I feel like being the “quiet girl” has done me no good and has only served to get me accused of things just because people assume I am unfriendly and therefore have bad intentions.

So the grandad - he’s just been flirting with me for a few days and I’m too weird to tell him to stop. Yesterday I think he got pissed that I told him I’m not allowed to “fraternize” and he’s like “I’m not one of your customers”.

He was eyeing me up hard yesterday. Like the kinda gaze you can feel pierce through you. He wouldn’t leave Wednesday without me giving him an answer if I would give him my number. The only way I could get him to leave was telling him I’d think about it.

I don’t wanna piss him off or anything but I also don’t wanna date anyone associated with my job. I don’t know if he’s coming today and I’m dreading more interactions with him. I haven’t told anyone but my friend that I’m uncomfortable with this as I don’t wanna make a scene. I feel like I started this when I entertained him but I’m just really tone deaf and anxious. I’m sure it will fizzle out so I’m mostly just venting.

Edit: I didn’t expect so many responses, I kinda made the post and dipped but I’ve been reading the responses when I could. Thank you all so much for your help and advice!

I want to add some additional context for those of you asking why I didn’t turn him down immediately: I am NOT used to being flirted with. Between being plus sized and having a resting bitch face, I’m usually left alone. Not really made to feel ugly but I don’t get many whom even try and I’m usually fine with that.

He is a very nice looking man, under different circumstances I might have let him take me out, but I have a very hard stance on dating people from work. Additionally, I’m pretty wary of older men even though I’m attracted to them merely because their expectations make me very nervous. All of that probably went into making me come across way more playful and interested than I was and again, I feel I’m partially at fault for that. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

I’ll do my best to respond to everyone and I will update this post if I see him again. Thanks!

Update 1 of (hopefully) 1: Okay he did come today but nothing came of it as I let other employees handle seeing the child out of the door. I pretty much dipped as soon as I saw him and he left right away. The others joked that they won’t cover for me next time. I will do my best to tell everyone that I’m uncomfortable. I’m usually such a headstrong and strict person here, somehow I feel weak telling them this, but I know it doesn’t make me. It’s just weird since I’m not used to this.

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/r/all When Brittany Spears shaved her head she was placed in a conservatorship, but Kanye is still making his own decisions.

Thumbnail independent.co.uk

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15 year old daughter hasn’t started her period


I’m not overly concerned, but did want to put this out there to see if anyone has experienced similar. I have a 15 year old, very athletic daughter. She’s about 5’4” and is what they consider to be a “hard gainer”. She’s got legs for days and is a spindly 100 lbs. I did not get my period until I was 15, but very close to my b day if I can remember correctly (been a while!). At her well visit in the spring, her doctor was not concerned because she is developing, but here she is 6 months later and it still hasn’t come.

Should I be concerned?

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Upsetting conversation with one of my closest male friends NSFW


Before I start, I do not consent to my story being shared on any other platforms or being used to generate any other type of content.

TW: Conversation about R*pe and SA

Earlier tonight, I was in a discord call with one of my closest male friends. I've known him for over 10 years. Anyways, I don't even really remember how we got to the topic of rape but somehow rape was mentioned.

During the conversation, he said something along the lines of "some rapes are caused by biological urges while others..." and I instantly interrupted him and said, no, rapes are NOT caused by "biological urges". They are caused by a need for power and dominance and taking something they feel entitled to by force because they do not see their victims as humans. I argued that "urges" that you NEED to follow in the way he described, are hunger, thirst, need to defecate... but not HORNINESS.

He genuinely kept arguing his point of view, and did not understand why I got upset. He said "The reason the rape happens does not matter to me, it is still an abhorrent act and crime". I told him that assigning urges as a reason for rape absolves men of guilt - as if we are animals that are slaves to our needs, not humans with a conscious mind and control over our actions. He said I just couldn't understand the social or ethical or whatever? side he was trying to explain to me. At this point I was to upset and just left the call.

I can not believe that some men genuinely still think like this, I am so upset. Sorry for the rant, I really just needed to let this out somewhere with people that would understand me.

Edit: Grammar

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my worst sexual experience both funny and sad NSFW


I mainly am writing this to get it off my chest. Maybe to hear some advice about what to do in the future. Possibly to enlighten some folks.

I’m a 20f and have had a small but not singular amount of sexual partners. Mainly other people my age but some older. I have been hooking up with this 25m for about two months. He has said some interesting things about sex that had me wondering about how familiar he was with the female body and women in general. Such as: trying to do anal with no prep, no clitoral stimulation, very rarely going down on me, hearing I’m bisexual and then next thing asking me for a threesome (huge annoyance). But we were just seeing each other casually and besides some off sexual things going out with him was fun. I was forgiving.

He also struggles with some erectile dysfunction. Which I never said anything about or made any difference of. I figured it can just happen, it’s not a reflection on me, just let it go.

One night he was “performing particularly bad” which were his words. I didn’t care we were getting busy before going out dancing. As long as we got to go out and enjoy ourselves I didn’t care if the sex wasn’t that long or anything. We did go out and came back home. He initiated sex and I reciprocated. He was struggling though and I was tired enough to think about wrapping things up. He hadn’t gone down on me, fingered me or anything really and I was just about to sit up and say let’s sleep.

Until I feel a cold splash of water on my vagina. I was shocked and looked at him like what the fuck. This man had taken my water bottle off the desk (we were on the floor) unscrewed the top and poured water onto my body. His response was that I wasn’t wet enough. I burst out laughing and sat there laughing for about five minutes. In what world is water a lubricant or is it a good idea to pour it on me and without asking. Instead of thinking about why I wasn’t wet because I wasn’t super into it— he poured water onto my vagina.

Now here’s the thing. He has had numerous sexual partners. A couple long term serious relationships. How did it get to the point where he thought water was a good idea. Neither of us were that drunk to where it would have made sense.

He was very hurt that I had laughed. He told me I was being mean. I told him it just shocked me since that’s not how a vagina works at all. We went to sleep with him being pretty moody and I haven’t seen him since. I don’t think I will be seeing him again…

Could I have handled it better maybe? How did it get to a point though where this 25m has slept with many women and hasn’t taken the time to know our bodies better?

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Has porn always been this violent? NSFW


I was scrolling through a few NSFW subreddits today and I found myself horrified. Nearly everything was incestuous, non-consensual, and overtly violent. These weren’t fetish subreddits, they’re just mainstream generic porn. The majority of the acts I saw would cause serious injury if they were performed on someone who was not prepared.

I was thinking, pornography has been around for a while. It goes all the way back to Mesopotamian times if not earlier. But the acts we see in pornography have changed so much.

Has it always been this violent and impersonal? I’ve flipped through some playboy magazines from the 80s and there’s already a huge striking difference between the content there versus mainstream porn we see today.

Shit, I’ve watched pornos from the 80s and while they’re still not incredible, at least there’s an element of human connection in them. Porn today is edited into bite-size consumption. Theres no emphasis on connection (eye contact, foreplay, talking, tender touches). It’s just in your face violent fucking. The women might as well be dolls with how little concern is shown for them.

My question is, does anyone else notice this? Why is pornography the way that it is today? I worry about the future of it, what will we be seeing in 20 years? What will be normalized then?

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Is it normal to prefer the post-sex cuddles to the actual sex itself?


r/TwoXChromosomes 12h ago

How a Catholic code of ethics is influencing women's healthcare at Australian public hospitals

Thumbnail abc.net.au

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Confided in my mom about being pregnant even though I was considering an abortion and she told numerous people I was pregnant NSFW



I just really need to get this off my chest. So, I just tested positive for being pregnant. I take my birth control religiously and it’s quite the surprise. I cannot be more than 4 weeks along.

I confided in my mom that I was pregnant but I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it. I told her to please not tell a single other person that I was pregnant and even thinking about getting an abortion is really distressing for me but I am not ready to have a baby. My mom wants me to have the baby.

The next day my mom texts me saying “please don’t be mad at me but I told your dad and he said he wants you to keep it”. My parents are DIVORCED and I have a VERY strained relationship with my dad and he is the last person on planet earth that I would EVER want to know about this.

How do I move on from this? I feel like I never want to speak to my mom ever again. I feel so betrayed and humiliated.

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(Preaching to the choir) Trans people have never made me feel unsafe; only cis men have.


I saw a blatantly anti-trans video on a TikTok sub today and just felt the need to reiterate that trans women are women; trans men are men.

I have never been harassed, threatened, harmed, or even mildly inconvenienced by a trans person. And I had a gender neutral bath including showers during college AND I was raised in a naturalist/nudist family so my exposure to nude people and “alternate lifestyle” people is pretty fucking broad compared to most Americans.

The ONLY times I have been harassed or assaulted were by cis men, notably:

When I was 7, and my step-dad’s late-thirties friend commented on my “dick-sucking lips.” (Eat shit, Ray, you fucking pedophile).

My step-brother, who cornered me while playing Mario kart and pinned me to a bed and then a wall, to touch my “boobs” when I was thirteen and he had forty pounds on me.

My ex, who was drunk and kicked me viciously until I left behind my wallet, phone, and key and walked two miles back to my dorm to spend the night in the common room until I could get help from my RA the next morning to get my shit back.

I’m sick of anti-trans rhetoric online and in real life. It’s so nasty and awful and all it does is punish people for not conforming, both trans people and people who don’t present as femme- or masc-enough in everyday life.

I don’t know. Maybe this post isn’t perfect, but I’m fucking trying and I’m sick of the nastiness in the world. I love y’all and I hope all you trans and NB people know that I’m gonna fucking fight for you now and for as long as I live.

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Just found out about a channel in the discord my husband has with his friends.


It’s for scented candles. Thanks to the boys, we got $400 worth of candles for $200 today!

r/TwoXChromosomes 16h ago

I feel like I’m suddenly realizing how much misogyny exists in this world.


And it is exhausting.