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u/OkSet5687 Sep 24 '22

Is this still possible? In recent years, I know that many schools have made all non-EU/EEA students pay tuition.


u/DocTrey Sep 25 '22

My daughter has been doing this in Austria the last two years and is in Prague for a semester as part of her program. It costs virtually nothing other than her regular living expenses and even those are very affordable.


u/PaleCow84385 Sep 24 '22

Did this, would recommend. (Stayed in the European country where I studied, am now employed and pay taxes, work in a field where there is a shortage of local labor.)


u/BadlyDrawnMemes Sep 25 '22

The American dream is leaving America


u/thegodfatherderecho Sep 25 '22

Yes they started that almost 30 years ago, better known by its other name “globalization”


u/saintwolfboy22 Sep 25 '22

Is that what globalization means? So often, I would hear it meant something bad because of the globalist elites or some shit

Edit: Never mind, I looked it up.


u/Ill-Bat-207 Sep 25 '22

That is the thing. Original country pays for approx. 20 years of upkeep and then another gets the ready made human resource by offering 3 years of schooling. Even more of a deal if they just offer a masters.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

America Becoming Developing Nation

How sad that Americans are now having to go abroad for affordable educations - but how so American that they do.


u/The_Yarichin_Bitch Sep 25 '22

It's funny because the ones doing this aren't calling people lazy immigrants- the ones not going to college are 😕


u/DTG_420 Sep 25 '22

Obviously it’s a joke. American Nationalists aren’t going to be the ones studying abroad


u/uglymule Sep 25 '22

maga boomers do not study anything, anywhere


u/uisqebaugh Sep 25 '22

They Do ThEiR oWn ReSeArCh


u/uglymule Sep 25 '22

that's just code for i'ma go see what cucker says


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

Yeah, but they're white...


u/ScorpioWaterSign Sep 25 '22

Oh bless her heart


u/Heheher7910 Sep 25 '22

Even when it was the bears, I knew it was the immigrants


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Kungkung18 Sep 25 '22

We call that studying abroad not a new concept


u/Scar_the_armada Sep 24 '22

Well those people are probably the same of people who want open borders and free tuition in the States, so it's probably not exactly appropriate to try and call them out.


u/agencsa1 Sep 25 '22

Very very few people have advocated for open borders. That's just fox news talking points.


u/Octavious440 Sep 25 '22

I mean, it's reddit. So it's definitely fair game to call anyone and everyone out. But as a millennial I get what you're saying cause it's upsetting we don't have free college here.


u/NakedBakunin Sep 25 '22

Well, frankly i would prefer if americans stayed in the religious hellhole of their own creation. If everyone sane runs away we get a christian caliphate with nuclear weapons and that just sounds bad.


u/thegodfatherderecho Sep 25 '22

The few perks include copious amounts of sweet tea, BBQ, and fried chicken.


u/Complete-Expert9844 Sep 25 '22

Gd immigrants, these people have no right to be here Ted cruz


u/Twinkie2021 Sep 26 '22

What about the lazy WT we currently enjoy? 🤣😀😁😅


u/peteypete420 Sep 25 '22

Excuse me? Those are emigrants!


u/Distinct-Ad-2004 Sep 25 '22

Not much interest in over seas education these days, Europe knows what male and female biology is.


u/uisqebaugh Sep 25 '22

Yeah, they do, which is why most countries enshrine trans rights.

Go back to your bridge.


u/BlitzerBlitz88 Sep 25 '22

Europe knows what male and female biology is.

Sex and gender are two different thinks. There's more to biology than what you learnt in 7th grade. If you think your high school degree makes you an expert in biology, think again.


u/Distinct-Ad-2004 Sep 25 '22

"Most countries" in your made up world.


u/ModsDontHaveJobs Sep 25 '22

Except that's not how it works, like, at all. If you are not a citizen of that country you are not getting a free education.