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It has never been about faith

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u/Eastern_Barnacle_553 Sep 25 '22

Organized religion is all about keeping people in their place


u/CobraKaiSuTeknon Sep 25 '22

Always has been. For good or ill.

Mostly ill.


u/AnotherCatLover Sep 25 '22

But ESPECIALLY women. Even the New Testament part of the Bible.

1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.


u/AngryAngryKangaroo Sep 25 '22

Written by asshole men, for asshole men....


u/AnotherCatLover Sep 25 '22 edited Sep 25 '22

All of them. Women in the Mormon one either go to their dad or their husband's Heaven Planet. They can't have their own.

Edit: https://www.audacy.com/podcasts/the-drunk-mormon-podcast-25790/83-celestial-divorce-part-1-335243421


u/TheNightBench Sep 25 '22

It's a good quote to keep in your back pocket for when some clown shoe-wearing chump like MTG or Boebert start talking about how America needs to be some bullshit theocracy.


u/FullMetalComedian Sep 25 '22

Written by men, for men.


u/madlass_4rm_madtown Sep 25 '22

Crazy too me that hobby lobby is so religious that they don't capitalize on Halloween


u/ZAILOR37 Sep 25 '22

I wonder if A part of this is that many men think they will never get laid if women have freedom?


u/VGSchadenfreude Sep 25 '22

That’s a huge part of it. A lot of men are simply not as amazing as they believe themselves to be and in a truly equal world, that means they would miss out on pretty much everything they’re convinced they’re entitled to.


u/WimpyZombie Sep 25 '22

Well.... It wouldn't surprise me if that's what they are afraid would happen if women had any power over them.


u/krebstar4ever Sep 25 '22

As far as Abraham religions go, there's the fear of unwittingly raising another man's child.


u/Popular-Treat-1981 Sep 25 '22

To be fair, it's a valid concern. Lots of people don't want to spend their time and resources against their will on a child that isn't theirs. But we can solve that. Mandatory DNA tests at birth.


u/Popular-Treat-1981 Sep 25 '22

How have they been getting laid so far?


u/Voxxanne Sep 25 '22

IMO, it really is about religion. Before my country (Philippines) was colonised by the Spanish who spread Christianity, women had powerful positions in villages and communities. They were equal with men.

But then, Christianity arrived. Poof. Equality gone.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

I agree. The tweet is making the issue out to be deeper than it is for most people. At the creation of the religion, sure - it was about control by those leaders. But now, the religion has become its own beast and is so far removed from its foundation that anti-abortion activists aren’t thinking about control, they’re thinking about doing whatever they believe their god “wants” them to do.


u/MetaBotch Sep 25 '22

It's so hard being totalitarian. Like, do whatever you want IDGAF.


u/NIP880 Sep 25 '22

It's about their faith in the fact you know your place as a self-warming non-talking fleshlight until it's time for you to replicate soldiers and workers.


u/sunnydaysahead2022 Sep 25 '22

And when abortion is banned they will get rid of woman’s health statistics. So we never know exactly how bad it is -


u/DulcetTone Sep 25 '22

Ultimately, it is about people really REALLY caring about some random thing some other ignorant person pulled out of their ass centuries ago


u/Popular-Treat-1981 Sep 25 '22

men? Or men in power? Most men don't care, we want everyone to be happy and that's why we help you fight for your rights.


u/Responsible-Chest-26 Sep 25 '22

It has always been about religion and faith. No atheist person has ever cared about a headscarf or right to choose


u/Randinator9 Sep 25 '22

Literally just a matter of control and someone to look down on. These people that make up the conservative party today is quite literally a combination of all 7 deadly sins, all of which many of them indulge on.

If you need a refresher, the 7 Deadly Sins are: Greed, Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Sloth, and Gluttony. Literally the vision of the stereotypical Trump Supporter fits all 7.


u/Toytles Sep 25 '22

The women! They’ve become too powerful!


u/Jim345PA Sep 25 '22

So tell me again, what part of that tiny human you have, the limbs forcefully ripped off of and the skill crushed all while alive, is your body? I've never seen that as part of a female body on the anatomy charts.