r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 25 '22

👨🏻‍🚀: Wait The bible belt is the corruption belt ? Always has been 🔫👨🏽‍🚀




u/OmegaMountain Sep 25 '22

Easy on the conscience when you can just ask for forgiveness on Sunday.


u/Mythosaurus Sep 25 '22

What was Jim Crow apartheid if not naked corruption, draining away black tax dollars to fund comfortable lives for white elites?

It’s ALWAYS been corrupt, but it was impolite for other rich people outside the South to call it out.


u/GeorgieWashington Sep 25 '22

Because everyone else was doing it, too. Just quieter.

The South has always been used in a “you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the other people” sort of way.

As long as Southern states are awfuller, northern states can be awful and still claim the moral high ground. (Likewise, as long as the north is comfortable with their level of awfulness, the South can sincerely claim that they aren’t really that different. It’s a symbiotic relationship of shittiness)

Meanwhile, because the West doesn’t rub elbows enough with the South, they naively fall for the garbage spouted by the north about the South.


u/HinaKawaSan Sep 25 '22

Real welfare queens


u/PureNRGfanboy44 Sep 25 '22

Fuck Republican Christians.

Your day is coming, Nazi pieces of shit.


u/evs-chris Sep 25 '22

no, the corruption belt runs border to border, coast to coast

the bible belt just generally has a different set of manipulative assholes than other regions


u/Phoenix-Angel Sep 25 '22

I live in Mississippi and my dad had an amazing saying about hyper-religious types; “they all do the same stuff, they just do it behind closed doors.”


u/Nerevarine91 Sep 25 '22

Casual corruption is very much a way of life there. Where I lived, it was an open secret that the “small government” “drain the swamp” representative was committing farm subsidies fraud, and it did absolutely nothing to lower his popularity.


u/HappyApple99999 Sep 25 '22

Yeah, in my field the South is known to be as corrupt as fuck. The Feds are always surprised how less corrupt my Blue State is.


u/GeorgieWashington Sep 25 '22

The South and Blue States aren’t the poles though.

Do you perhaps mean “Red States” instead of “The South”?


u/HappyApple99999 Sep 25 '22

No I mean the South, especially New Orleans


u/GeorgieWashington Sep 25 '22

I’ve never heard of the Southern state called New Orleans. Is that near the Democrat-governed state known as Louisiana?


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

No. It's the White Supremacy and Nggs-know-their-place belt. It's disgusting.


u/Material-Committee40 Sep 25 '22

Wow 2 people do something bad. Therfire everyone bad. Cant even see past the surface