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Can’t wait 🍿

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u/RepresentativeSet349 Sep 25 '22

Calling them SS agents is some efficient foreshadowing


u/DanYHKim Sep 25 '22

Article from September 14

Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) told reporters that the materials obtained are "a combination of a number of text messages, radio traffic ... thousands of exhibits."

Thompson said the the materials consist "primarily" of texts from agents on Jan. 5 and 6, but declined to go into further detail because the committee is still reviewing them.

"The tranches we've received have been significant," he said. "It's a work in progress." Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), another committee member, said on MSNBC on Wednesday "it's been a large volume of information that we really pressed hard for the agency to release."

This article does not mention Cheney, so perhaps there have been new developments.


u/Drg84 Sep 25 '22

Ha! Called it! There's ALWAYS a backup for government communications. ALWAYS.


u/PerfectlyAvgPP Sep 25 '22

SS agent. Thats an unfortunate abbreviation if I've ever seen one.


u/OmegaMountain Sep 25 '22

Don't hold your breath. We've been expecting for years now that Trump would face the consequences and he's not been touched yet.


u/wvboys Sep 25 '22

So you've given up hope too, huh? I gotta admit my faith in american justice and the art of 'getting what you deserve' is at an all time low thanks to this guy.


u/OmegaMountain Sep 25 '22

Pretty much. He's admitted on tape that he's committed crimes but nobody has been brave enough to actually prosecute him. The benefits of wealth and power in America. Meanwhile, there are people spending their entire lives in jail for weed charges.

Side note: you from WV? If so, hello fellow Mountaineer.


u/wvboys Sep 25 '22

Haha... Canadian actually and my name is actually a typo that i was too lazy to fix or delete. But shout out to the Mountaineers!


u/ghoti99 Sep 26 '22

Please remember that trump was the final stage of fifty+ year plan to destabilize the government and the founding fathers didn’t exactly write a detailed process of how to stop, punish, and recover from multi decade national political corruption. These kind of things do not get wrapped up in between commercial breaks. there are people who have spent every waking moment of the last 6 years preparing for Trump and his associates to see consequences, they just have to keep the country from falling into a civil war once those consequences come to bear.


u/Lazy-Adeptness-2343 Sep 25 '22

Oh goodie we’re gonna get him this time I can feel it 🤞🤞


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u/aajniojnoihnoi Sep 25 '22

So it’s USSS agents. SS agents are Nazi.


u/J-Dawg_Cookmaster Sep 25 '22

We'll have to see if there's still a distinction to be made.


u/mrwhat_icanthearu Sep 25 '22

"SS" initialisation is not a coincidence


u/CT_Jester Sep 25 '22

Don't pull any punches. Name names, lay it all out, then make formal referrals to the DOJ for immediate arrests.


u/adamcoe Sep 26 '22

... And yet he still gets to hold rallies and walk around like nothing ever happened. Every couple of weeks we hear about how screw he is and how this new development will be the nail in his coffin. Guess what: nothing will happen to him. He's gonna walk, everyone of consequence who helped him is gonna walk, nothing of any kind of gravity is going to happen to those people. A few low level dipshits who don't have enough clout in the party will maybe get some jail time, but nobody big is going down for this. And wait for round 2 in 2024.

Call me when he's in a jumpsuit, in a cell with the door locked and not one goddamn second before. He'll likely be dead before he ever sees the inside of a prison.