r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 25 '22

I’m just happy it got here in one piece



u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

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u/Jashugita Sep 25 '22

I,m spanish, I bought something in a US shop that was sent by usps...It went coast to coast, then to Spain, then back to USA, several times coast to coast and then back to Spain and arrived...


u/Drg84 Sep 25 '22

Had a similar thing happen with UPS. Went from California, to Ohio (I'm in NY) to Florida then back to California. Confused both me and the part distributor.


u/RedCedarSavage Sep 25 '22

We live in southeast Michigan and had a package go from Ohio, to somewhere north of us, to Detroit, back past us to Ohio again, and then get delivered. To the wrong address. Never did get that package (toy for my son).


u/SalmonTeaTime Sep 25 '22

the one piece is real


u/Mayb420 Sep 25 '22

I'm on my 3rd watch through


u/WifeofBath1984 Sep 25 '22

I recently received a "cooling towel" that I did not order but was addressed to me. I have no idea what to do.


u/Ahviaa224 Sep 26 '22

FedEx too. Nothing for 6 days, then you get a message that no one was there to sign for it even though the driver never set foot near your house. And it was a package that didn’t even require a signature.

With UPS I know if my package stopped for a damn taco.


u/sfmanim Sep 25 '22

I remember waiting over three months for a package just to call USPS and have them tell me “we have no idea where it is either” 😭


u/Gloomheart Sep 25 '22

Because the main "hub" near me isn't in my city, I ship from Ottawa to Ottawa, and it goes through Montreal in between.


u/flamingoswizzlestick Sep 25 '22

"Unable to deliver. You should claim your package at one of these three postal stations. "


u/twinheight Sep 25 '22

I endorse this message.

Also want to say that I sometimes get “no secure location” exceptions, even though there are no obstacles to getting to either our mailbox nor front porch


u/gil1488 Sep 25 '22

Literally me right now!