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Flaired Users Only Increasingly Anti Trump


I've noticed this sub has grown increasingly anti trump. What gives? If he runs in 2024 Desantis needs to step aside or be VP. It's blowing my mind seeing how frequently so many "conservatives" here seem to be now anti trump like the rest of reddit.

What gives?

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Psychology A trait called "morbid curiosity" might explain why some people are attracted to violent music like death metal

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Discussion Interesting to See How Many People are Saying "I'm having fun" or "Game isn't bad at all" etc. I Have Not Enjoyed It and Here's Why, Let Me Know What You Disagree With

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Propaganda: to paint all conservatives as racists, deserving to die

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NDP's attacks are proof that Pierre Poilievre is eating their 'lunch': John Baird

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Just Plain Cheating Both cost 1,99 € but the left one is 100g while the right one is 50g

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NBA Superstar LeBron James Shares Reel of Lady With a Weird Smile at Oakland Coliseum, Fans React on Social Media

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Article Catherine Called Birdy review: Lena Dunham does book-to-film adaptation right

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Flaired Users Only It’s (D)ifferent

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Video Ukraine UFO?


I just came across this on TikTok. Yes, before you say something about trusting tiktok videos let me just clarify that I think a lot of good evidence can be found on the platform. It is the biggest in the world after all, and easily accessible. Higher chance of fakes I know, but a higher chance of evidence regardless..

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Destiny Destiny's take on hentai

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r/LivestreamFail 16h ago

Destiny Devin Nash on OTK's ''Third Party Investigation''

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This Indian man hasn’t put his arm down in 10 years to honour his god.


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m0E_tv | Just Chatting Moe's take about Adrianah groping Cyr and her alcohol consumption

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Question Who's the absolute butthole shooting off fireworks


As if last night's weather theatrics weren't loud enough to keep everybody awake some dipshit thinks it's a fun time to shoot off fireworks while everyone's trying to sleep the very next night.. I hope you blow your fucking hand off, respectfully.

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Wholesome Moments to celebrate our engagement, we got us each a fiancé! mine is her and vice versa of course.

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White women dont know they can be antagonizers


As a black trans woman i find alot of discrimination towards my asian/south american/ black peers. my boss is a white woman and she is an antagonizer. She thinks she gets away by being a woman but she acts exactly like a cruel man.

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Vent Smh. It's not about what's "supported by science". It's about what f*cking works!


Everytime someone posts about semen retention, dopamine detox etc. on this subreddit, there's always some chemistry or biology major there to piss on their experiences and advice by saying that OP misunderstands science and that the things he is talking about are unscientific.

Well, you know-it-alls are right, but you're missing the point entirely!

I don't believe you can literally decrease your dopamine levels to the point that a "detox" implies, nor do I think that semen has mystical power. In terms of science, I agree with everything you science fetishists say!

And yet, dopamine detoxing made me happier and more productive than I've ever been in just two weeks, and SR has dramatically improved my sleep, wit and social confidence. So despite the fact that I don't know why these habits work and there's no scientific evidence that they work, I know for a fact that they work! It's not rigourous science, just personal experience, which is what we care about in the first place: improving individual quality of life!

A good scientist is not one who dogmatically believes only what can be read in scientific journals, but one who understands the limits of science. Science is not Truth, only the best tool developed for discovering that truth. By confusing science with truth and rejecting everything not yet proven by science as false, you have unconsciously made science a dogmatic religion.

Science moves slowly. A few decades ago doctors recommended smoking, and heroin was used as a painkiller. Before the harmful effects of smoking became the medical consensus, claiming that smoking was harmful would, by your logic, be unscientific, and yet it would not be false.

So don't claim to know everything by referring to a scientific discipline that has hundreds if not thousands of years of catch up to do when it comes to human happiness, fulfillment and productivity. In the best case, you are discouraging people from being curious by testing a harmless internet trend. In the worst case, you're actively trying to prevent people from trying things that could save their lives, simply because scientists have not yet researched it, and probably won't in our lifetimes. You have no right to invalidate the experiences of people you've never even met.

So don't be a thought-slave to scientific circle-jerkers. Recognise that science is slow and limited, especially when it comes to subjective psychological experience. Stop mistaking science for religion, and don't be afraid to do your own experiments and try to improve your life.

Who knows, it might just fucking work!

r/Mizkif 18h ago

SUGGESTION Mizkif, dont listen to anyone saying you should take 3 months or 6months off


Don't make the same mistake as fedmyster. He lost all his friends + made everyone forget about him by taking so much time off. Literally the worst thing he could have ever done (after the SA stuff).

Literally just go live, say that you kicked out slick and maybe a few more words and then start streaming like normal in sub mode. Ban drama farmers. You could literally do this tomorrow or on monday.

It's the best thing you can ever do. Just ignore chat/donos and react to tiktok videos or youtube or whatever as if it was a regular stream.

I get that people dont want to hangout with you on stream anymore. People like poki/OTV are worried about their brand/reputation. The same goes for OTK, so none of them want to hangout with you on stream anymore (not because they think you're the wrost person in the world, but because they are worried about themselves and their own reputation/brand). I also get that you probably lost all/most of your sponsors, but you still have a hugely successful twitch/youtube channel.

The best thing you can do is maintain your twitch/youtube fanbase/numbers as much as possible. If you lose that as well then you will be completely gone. As long as you maintain your audience, people will be back on your dick soon enough.

I am also sure people like adinross doesnt give a fuck about any of this and would love to do a collab stream/dating show stream. Getting more involved with the W community would aboslutely be a great option, and its still possible for you miz as long as you maintain your numbers.

On a side note, there are probably other streamers like knut that would be down to collab. This is pretty great news (not in the sense that he is giga famous that you can clout shark off), but in the sense that he can help normalize doing collabs with you again. A camp knut for a week with just you and him would be good content (you dont need more people or the entire OTK for that).

I'm also sure there will always be OF girls that are down to collab as long as you maintain your numbers, none of their brand/income/repp will ever be affected negatively by hanging out you.

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Salma Hayek hates Sofia Vergara, thinks Sofia’s thick accent is a “gimmick”

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Discussion I have fallen out of love with Edmonton


I'm honestly done with this city. I used to be the biggest defender of Edmonton, born and raised here. But now, I'm done.

Will DT EVER be revitalized? When was the last time a major head office moved here? I don't see a future here for my kids if they want to pursue a career option that's available in another city; a place that can easily lure them, because, well, it's better than Edmonton. We don't have that 'cool' factor, at all.

Our amenities are left to fall apart while city hall focuses on building new, neglecting what's already been built? Unmaintained boulevards/ green spaces etc.

And, quite frankly, I'm tired of my tax dollars being directed to social causes that, ultimately, achieve nothing while the mayor cries there's not enough revenue.

Go ahead, defend the status quo or light into me for being 'wrong'. But the shine is long gone.

r/Austria 17h ago

Kurios Man könnte meinen, dass man sich als Wiener Bürgermeister zumindest eine Stilberatung leisten könnte.

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Entweder ganz auf Sport/casual oder trachtig, aber ned sowas.

r/korea 10h ago

생활 | Daily Life How receptive are Korean men to cold approach?


Finally arrived in Seoul for the first time since the pandemic started. It's so beautiful a city and country, I don't see why any foreigner would want to leave here. Traveling alone really gives you a chance to appreciate how amazing this place is. I've learned a lot about Korea through Kpop and Kdramas. Honestly, in the past couple of days, I have never seen so many beautiful men in my life. I want to try the experience personally, so I really want to find a Korean partner. I have decided I will stay here at least a couple of months so I have time. I want to meet Korean men. I am considering just cold approaching guys on the subway or restauraunts, but certainly there is a better place for this? I work remotely for an American company so I have meetings and work mostly at night time on the week days, so will be going out mostly in the day time or on the weekends. Where do the cool Korean men hang out in Seoul? How open are they to a American gal like me cold approaching them?

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Fooking Kneelers Main sub kneelery

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r/iRacing 9h ago

Discussion Previous damage carries over cosmetically?

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