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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/lilfindawg Sep 22 '22

Unfortunately their choices are protest and get locked up, or go to war and risk death. I imagine we’ll see a lot of surrenders when the first mobilization of troops gets to Ukraine


u/Myopic_Cat Sep 22 '22

Unfortunately their choices are protest and get locked up, or go to war and risk death.

Why choose when you can have both? They're already handing out draft papers to arrested protesters.



u/gerkin123 Sep 22 '22

Seems like a good way to see desertions skyrocket.


u/GirthyOwls Sep 22 '22

Or “accidents” at military facilities.

Gravity already seems to be particularly challenging over there lately.


u/gerkin123 Sep 22 '22

I absolutely would not want to be an officer of a squad including an armed ex-prisoner turned combatant. Not even if one was a giant talking sharkman.


u/GirthyOwls Sep 22 '22

Exactly! That would feel almost as dangerous as being in duty in Ukraine right now.

Plus - there were already reports of real soldiers doing that. This will only make that riskier.


u/HouseOfSteak Sep 22 '22

Tsar Shark is a shark.


u/Oyd9ydo6do6xo6x Sep 23 '22

Sending people to war who have the stones to publically protest the war. Arming them. What could go wrong?


u/lyrixnchill Sep 22 '22

These protestors are going to be used basically as human shields. I highly doubt they are expected to actually do any real fighting. Just dying.


u/amouse_buche Sep 23 '22

Yep. It’s a convenient outcome. You get to execute those who protest the regime and create the illusion you have a viable fighting force.


u/xypher412 Sep 23 '22

Is it though? You are still spending money and resources on getting them to the front lines, something Russia seems to be short on already. And not to mention if you arm them. Even if they aren't armed there are all kinds of sabotage tactics they could do. If you're the kind of person who goes and protest the war knowing you will be arrested, if you're forced into the military, you will probably be willing to risk your life to fuck shit up from the inside.


u/amouse_buche Sep 23 '22

You’re assuming draftees who are served orders after being arrested will ever make it to the front lines before dying in a training accident.


u/xypher412 Sep 23 '22

Then what is the point in drafting them? You are now still paying for at least some facade of training. Clothes, bunk space, food. If they just wanted them dead, Russia clearly doesn't have any issue with people getting clumsy.

Not to mention, even if they only make it to training there are still opportunities for them to fuck shit up on the home front. Maybe not as much, but if they know they are going to be offed anyway..


u/amouse_buche Sep 23 '22

Because you’re not blatantly executing protesters. You can’t push 10,000 dissidents out a window without being obvious about it but you can send them off to be canon fodder.


u/xypher412 Sep 23 '22

Putin could certainly make up some bs like "any protest is treason and will be punished by death, this is all effect retroactively" and then just kill them all.

Now I'm not putin, and no military/political expert, but sending people who are obviously against you and willing to fight for it, to a place where they can cause serious problems within your military and possibly your war time logistics seems like the worsr possible option.

However it's not like Russia has exactly been choosing the smart choices lately.

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