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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/AdUpstairs7106 Sep 22 '22

So your options as a Russian from best to worst (Assuming you don't want to fight)

  1. Get out of Russia ASAP. Bring any friends or family who want to leave

  2. Find a hook up to avoid being drafted.

  3. Accept this sucks. When you get to Ukraine surrender as soon as possible.


u/Wayfaringknight Sep 22 '22

Assuming you don’t get shot by some still remaining lunatic Russian soldiers that still wants to kill innocents in Ukraine and is loyal to is lunatic president.


u/SofieTerleska Sep 22 '22

Or that you're in a position to surrender in the first place. If you're put on corpse-hauling duty or something like that it could be tough to find someone to surrender to -- rockets aren't really good at that kind of thing.


u/AdUpstairs7106 Sep 22 '22

When you get to the front you will quickly learn who the Putin fanatics are. You might have to frag them to get to safety.


u/libmrduckz Sep 23 '22

frag my own fanatics and run to sanity?



u/EifertGreenLazor Sep 22 '22
  1. Hide somewhere in Siberia.


u/glambx Sep 23 '22

I can think of another answer...

Putin may be a ghoul, a dictator, and a war criminal, but he is just a man. Eliminating him and his co-conspirators can end this nightmare. There should be a consequence for murdering tens (or hundreds) of thousands of innocent people and razing entire cities. There should be consequences for attempting genocide.


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u/glambx Sep 23 '22

I don't expect him to listen. I feel the Russian people should have decided that the time for talking was long over.

We'll see, I guess.


u/Appropriate-Bid8572 Sep 23 '22

Why doesn't the old Putler do the only decent thing and die. Is het afraid of dying alone or does he want to take as much as possible people with him?


u/JavaDontHurtMe Sep 23 '22

Or option 4. try to organise a resistance against Putin.


u/M1ghty_boy Sep 23 '22

What’s the chance of being accidentally shot by a cautious soldier with a happy trigger if you surrender? Because that’d be my main concern if I was drafted.

Also getting hit by a drone/artillery before you even get a chance to surrender