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u/krokodil40 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

There are 140 millions of russians, 25 millions of them are able to serve. Let's assume 10% of them love Putin, want to fight and are dumb. That's already 2.5 millions, more than enough. Russia will mobilise more than enough soldiers, but they will not make any difference, cause the winter and not enough equipment for them. Limited protests will not change a thing.

If you are russian that wants to avoid the mobilisation: don't open the doors, lay low, delete gosuslugi and sberbank apps. There are enough people that will willingly mobilise, just do go when they want you to come. Change your flat, they need to give you the letter right in your hands and they don't check addresses often. You can cross the border into several countries, do it.

Не открывайте двери, удалите прилаги, не используйте мобильные телефоны. Если повестку дали вашей жене, родителям или детям - выбрасывайте. На работе удаленку. Шлите нахуй. СИЗО лучше войны


u/JohnyyBanana Sep 22 '22

I say go but as soon as you leave for a mission raise white flags and surrender to Ukraine. Thats a double loss for Putin and his generals.


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

That's assuming everyone in the same squad also wants to surrender. Russia just made desertion and surrendering illegal (punishment is death) so anyone trying to surrender will be killed by people who are actually pro-Russia.


u/JohnyyBanana Sep 22 '22

Shoot the traitors that dont want to surrender. Then Surrender.

Im joking i know it doesn’t work like that. Im just baffled how sending thousands who dont want to go in the first place is a good strategy


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

But it does work like that, they kill the squad leader/commander. Happened in Vietnam, which had conscription.

Fragging is the deliberate or attempted killing by a soldier of a fellow soldier, usually a superior. U.S. military personnel coined the word during the Vietnam War, when such killings were most often attempted with a fragmentation grenade,[2] sometimes making it appear that the killing was accidental or during combat with the enemy. The term fragging now encompasses any deliberate killing of military colleagues.



u/mercset Sep 22 '22

That is how it works. A squad is heavily out numbered but the officer says fight. The privates frag the idiot and walked out. What I am saying is there going to be a lot of infighting when sh!t hits the fan.


u/Smackdaddy122 Sep 23 '22

russia doesn't have officers in squads


u/graphixRbad Sep 23 '22

Yeah, all that except the joking part



Supposedly desertion can be a cause for execution though I'm not sure how well backed by evidence that is.

NKVD used to do it, now supposedly it's the chechens


u/CapaneusPrime Sep 23 '22

so anyone trying to surrender will be killed by people who are actually pro-Russia.

I'm not a fan of your use of the term "pro-russia" here. I would make the argument that those who are truly "pro-russia" are against Putin's folly.


u/AlexBucks93 Sep 23 '22

Russia just made desertion and surrendering illegal

Isn’t it that way in every army?


u/bilbo_swagginz_boi Sep 22 '22

Also set fires, destroy rails, and puncture tires


u/Tyhgujgt Sep 23 '22

It's very hard to do and only a handful will be able to surrender successfully. Most will die in some column before they see the enemy