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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/zoinkability Sep 22 '22

Ukraine needs to produce the modern version of the WWII Safe Conduct Pass.


u/Cycode Sep 22 '22

..isn't ukraine kinda doing that? i have seen that they have telephone numbers and social messenger accounts where you can contact them to surrender. and ukraine seems to treat the POWs okay, so i would say its kinda similiar to a safe conduct pass, or not? ukraine is even dropping flyers of it to enemys.


u/jsalsman Sep 23 '22

The essential difference is the conscripts aren't going to be deployed with personal cell phones. But of course they will still desert in far greater proportion, and plenty of them will frag their COs too.


u/glambx Sep 23 '22

plenty of them will frag their COs too.

One of the few moral things a Russian soldier can do in Ukraine.


u/WifeKilledMy1stAcct Sep 23 '22

I left a soldier... I returned a free man.


u/Fledthehunter Sep 23 '22

And drive over their sergeant's toes with a tank


u/Quackagate Sep 23 '22

I still giggle about this


u/RandomErrer Sep 23 '22

Aren't their CO's hanging back behind the lines getting hammered on vodka? Just biding time until they're eventually ordered to the front where they'll be sniped or drone bombed.


u/copper-vomit Sep 24 '22

Yup. COs skulk around with armed bodygards and avoid their own subordinates like fire. There was a report on hiw one CO came in with his armed goond to try nad force his soldiers to advance, only to back down when one of his soldiers pulled a pin from his grenade and threatened to murder-suicide the CO.


u/zoinkability Sep 22 '22

True, I am sure the Ukrainian psyops folks thought of this long before I did!


u/New-Confusion945 Sep 23 '22

Yes, there was actually someone asking how to find all this info a few days ago...hopefully he will make it.


u/AR3SiN Sep 23 '22

Any chance you have the link?


u/query_squidier Sep 23 '22

This is the post that u/New-Confusion945 is likely referring to.

OP had said he might delete his comments and the post, but it appears he just did the former.


u/New-Confusion945 Sep 23 '22

Unfortunately no. I was high asf and I'm pretty sure the dood nuked the post and account to be on the safe side.

I think I saw it on the Nostupidquestions sub.


u/supershinythings Sep 23 '22

I like that the Ukrainians have the POWs call their mothers to tell them where they are, and that the war is not like what’s being said on the news propaganda sources. And then they tell their mothers they’re being fed and treated well, and not being tortured.

I don’t think the Russians let the Ukrainians call their Moms.


u/reallythatsmynametoo Sep 23 '22

Ukraine seems to treat POWs okay🤣🤣🤣 and what are you basing this statement off?


u/Silencer_ Sep 23 '22

These idiots need to step up their game and really speak to the Russian troops hearts.

“If you surrender, you are guaranteed while you are a pow, that you will have vodka and a computer that runs CS go and Dota 2”

End of war instantly, hopefully they have enough gaming pc’s


u/koavf Sep 23 '22




u/Konklar Sep 22 '22

They have. They're the size of business cards with instructions on how to surrender.


u/_zenith Sep 23 '22

Even has a QR code that links you into a Telegram channel!

Modern warfare is a trip


u/WifeKilledMy1stAcct Sep 23 '22

"Freedom is just around the corner... But first I'd like to tell you about RAID Shadow Legends."


u/Flomo420 Sep 23 '22

Surrender now and download to receive ONE THOUSAND gold, 3x XP boost and 20 bonus levels!


u/southernwx Sep 23 '22

Can you surrender multiple times?


u/DocNMarty Sep 23 '22

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Torture's not cool.


u/Daedalus277 Sep 23 '22

Stop perpetuating it, please.


u/Zebidee Sep 23 '22

Modern warfare is a trip

The drones blow my mind.

In one world you're taking videos at the skate park, in another you're directing artillery, using the same gear.


u/Fordiman Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

We'll, the same type of software, at least; the basic algorithms for "twiddle the fans this way to do a flip" are mostly the same regardless of whatever else is going on.

That said, armed military drones are quite a bit beefier (ammo and shielding weighs a damn tonne), and have better connectivity features (some can be piloted by satellite), and have a level of prediction and on-board proximity detection and evasion (because a sat link is high lag, and you want a drone that won't accidentally crash itself while it waits for a packet to bounce home and back). Then there's all the metrics the thing sends back along with the video feed (position, velocity, range, etc).

Target drones are basically off the shelf kit, though. Usually they're for spotting a relatively close enemy so you can throw things at them without line-of-sight. No need for special tech for that; just need something you can fly out and up, and can send back a reasonable video feed. Don't even need 4k.


u/Zebidee Sep 23 '22

Target drones are basically off the shelf kit, though.

Yep, that's the type that I'm referring to - the commercial-off-the-shelf ones. Phantoms, not Predators. :)


u/_zenith Sep 23 '22

A lot of the videos we see of ordnance drops are exactly those small commercial drones, though. Lots of Mavic and Phantoms being used.

But yes also some R8 octocopters running Ardupilot.

(And then your actual military drones like the oft-memed Bayraktar TB2)


u/LMFN Sep 23 '22

People can pay money to put a message on a missile that's launched at the Russians.

The NAFO guys have their silly doge on a tank turret or something, Russians get blown up by missiles that say "Bonk go to horny jail." or some shit.


u/nashedPotato4 Sep 23 '22

trip >>>>>> tripwire


u/JohnHazardWandering Sep 23 '22

They need to pass them out on the streets of Moscow.


u/yunivor Sep 23 '22

Unrelated but I got very nostalgic by the legit 90's style this site has, reading the guestbook was a treat