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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/krokodil40 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy

There are 140 millions of russians, 25 millions of them are able to serve. Let's assume 10% of them love Putin, want to fight and are dumb. That's already 2.5 millions, more than enough. Russia will mobilise more than enough soldiers, but they will not make any difference, cause the winter and not enough equipment for them. Limited protests will not change a thing.

If you are russian that wants to avoid the mobilisation: don't open the doors, lay low, delete gosuslugi and sberbank apps. There are enough people that will willingly mobilise, just do go when they want you to come. Change your flat, they need to give you the letter right in your hands and they don't check addresses often. You can cross the border into several countries, do it.

Не открывайте двери, удалите прилаги, не используйте мобильные телефоны. Если повестку дали вашей жене, родителям или детям - выбрасывайте. На работе удаленку. Шлите нахуй. СИЗО лучше войны


u/Alphal66 Sep 22 '22 Wholesome

Isn't it kinda ironic that the winter is against the Russian army for a change?


u/reckless150681 Sep 22 '22

Not really. Remember the Winter War? Russia tried invading Finland in the dead of winter and they were 100% not ready.

People like to make "haha don't invade Russia in winter" memes but forget that the Russians themselves are guilty of the very same thing lol


u/Nobel6skull Sep 22 '22

Also worth mentioning that if you have proper gear the winter ice is far better then the spring mud.


u/briancbrn Sep 23 '22

Mud is fucking terrible. I once got the pleasure of watching a new driver get a six wheel drive transport truck stuck.


u/Plasibeau Sep 23 '22

I think about the off road custom built rigs with transfer cases to make a semi truck driver weep and articulated suspension with zero point turning that some guys build. They take these things up sheer cliff faces! The type of mud to stick a SIX wheel drive vehicle must be some other worldly shit because I can't even imagine.


u/briancbrn Sep 23 '22

Oh nah it ain’t nothing special like that. Just new drivers stopping a massive vehicle in the middle of mud and letting it sink a little.

Still blew my mind that someone actually stopped when you had every tool in your box to just continue through.


u/WonAnotherCitizen Sep 23 '22

There's a bit of a weight difference there lol


u/the_YellowRanger Sep 23 '22

He started in the spring mud and lost his best equipment to it. If he makes it to next spring, mud will abound


u/Winterspawn1 Sep 23 '22

This time a stuck convoy will be destroyed with artillery and MLRS though. Not like early during the war when Ukraine had almost nothing to fight back with.


u/Mintastic Sep 23 '22

Seems the gist is to just stop having wars in that region in general cuz it sucks ass for everyone involved.


u/koavf Sep 23 '22

And also hundreds of millions who aren't directly involved.


u/Perry7609 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I went to the National World War I Museum in Kansas City not too long ago, and it blew my mind how the mud in the trenches cost so much damage and even lives.


u/notherenot Sep 22 '22

A meme is a meme at the end of the day, people forget its not a rule and you can't take it too seriously


u/reckless150681 Sep 23 '22

I want historical accuracy in my historical memes, dammit!


u/Alexander_Granite Sep 23 '22

Russia has a problem invading other countries and not quite being ready


u/crazedizzled Sep 23 '22

People like to make "haha don't invade Russia in winter" memes but forget that the Russians themselves are guilty of the very same thing lol

The trick is, don't invade anyone in winter. It's much easier to be planted and defend in winter than it is to advance.


u/wires_dont_talk Sep 23 '22

Maybe Ukraine could practice scorched earth policy on the Russians instead of vice versa


u/reckless150681 Sep 23 '22

Bad idea. Not only is it strategically unsound (why would you make it increasingly difficult for your supply lines to reach you?) but it would also completely undermine the goodwill Ukraine has. Ukraine is winning the moral war by not stooping to Russia's level.


u/wires_dont_talk Sep 23 '22

True, not everywhere but maybe in areas where they have to worry about being flanked. There's a reason I'm not a military strategist lol.


u/LMFN Sep 23 '22

Russia also claims Ukraine doesn't have a right to exist and is just part of Russia.

So Russia invaded "Russia" in winter. Morons.


u/WhuddaWhat Sep 23 '22

Invading Russia?

I guess they have totally overtaken russia. The russians.


u/Manos_Of_Fate Sep 23 '22

Aren’t there jokes in Russia about the snow speaking Finnish?


u/Assault_Gunner Sep 23 '22

People are dumbass if they think the Russians are immune to winter.

The Soviet soldiers sent to fight in Finland are folks from cities and villages where they are safe and comfortable around the fireplace. Not to mention alcohol to keep them warm.

The Finnish people spent time in the wilderness, and during winter. Their ancestors taught them how to survive.


u/BeautifulType Sep 23 '22

People are like “fuck capitalism” by the real fuckery is that memes influence a whole lotta people into seeing dumber than conservative Americans


u/RayTracing_Corp Sep 23 '22

Bad example because Russia won that war albeit at a steep cost.


u/reckless150681 Sep 23 '22

Not a bad example. The lack of Russian preparedness objectively led to innumerable preventable deaths. Strategic victories are not the only type of victory. It's like saying seatbelts are ineffective because they don't outright prevent automotive deaths - true, but they certainly reduce the number and that's enough to talk about.