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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

Probably the first one because people didn't know what was happening.


u/clintCamp Sep 22 '22

My distant ancestor was conscripted by a local lord to try and take out the British monarchy. They lost, the Lord was executed and we got banished to the American colonies.


u/ZedTT Sep 22 '22

Oh yeah let's just put all the people who tried to kill the monarch in one place and tax them without representation they won't revolt or anything


u/Unions4America Sep 22 '22

What do you mean? Sounds brilliant to me. Just like when Hitler logically came to the conclusion 'The only way to feed the German people long-term is to invade the East' rather than 'We can just be peaceful and trade for food with foreign nations.' Fool proof plan, if you ask me.


u/DefiantLemur Sep 23 '22

I'm glad he's a idiot. The world would have been worse off if he stopped after taking Poland, Austria, Rhinelands and Czechoslovakia and consolidated his power into a dystopic hell in Central Europe.


u/hi_me_here Sep 23 '22

it would've collapsed within a decade, max, no matter what. the Nazis had No long term economic plans and the German economy as it was under his rule could only function on aggressive military expansion because they didn't actually have the ability to pay for all the checks they were writing, and they wouldn't be able to maintain any international trade due to either bankruptcy or warfare blockades or both. All of their spending was military focused, that shit isn't useful if you're not using it, nobody's buying it and you can't afford to keep it running yourself. It can't project power overseas because the German Navy was miniscule and had no hope of contesting Britain's seapower well enough to attempt any kind of invasion of the UK, especially with the USSR waiting in the east for a moment of weakness. without taking out the UK, they're stuck on dry land, forever, no matter what, and, again, running out of gas

the Nazis were utterly dependent on conquering, robbing and enslaving everyone and everything in reach to keep the gears turning - the only way he could've swung that around is by taking the oil fields down in the caucasus, which meant invading Russia, which wasn't winnable and would only become less winnable as time went on

Without taking the oil fields, they run out of oil for heavy industry and fuel and collapse. If he didn't invade the ussr, even if the US never entered the war, the ussr would have invaded Germany by 1944 at the very latest, earlier if France was still intact. If he invades France, now he's got the entire Atlantic Coast of Europe to secure, useless for trade because of the royal navy blockading him indefinitely, with ever dwindling fuel and resources to run his war machine. if the war machine stops running, Nazi Germany stops existing, either due to internal collapse or external invasion or both

it was just a bad plan all around - don't invade


u/Chitown2181 Sep 23 '22

What a nightmare. What a different world.

No one would have stopped him.


u/Leege13 Sep 23 '22

The issue was he couldn’t stop himself. Once he got conquering, he couldn’t just stop at a few countries, he wanted all of Europe. Thought he was building a Reich and all he was doing was cosplaying Napoleon, even including the Russian invasion.


u/Kaymish_ Sep 23 '22

Dude had other motivating factors than he was just a power hungary arsehole. The money looted from the first few conquests didn't really pay off his creditors enough so he needed to keep going. Also the USSR hated his guts and Stalin was furiously building up to take him out; they would have come for him eventually so Hitler felt he had to strike first before Stalin was powerful enough to crush the Nazis. Its the same dynamic that was between the German Empire and the Russian empire in WWI Germany felt they needed to deal with russia before they had modernised enough to crush them.


u/gryphmaster Sep 23 '22

He really pulled off the cosplay in the end tho, real devotion to realism with the whole “lose massive battle after battle” after uniting all of remaining europe against you


u/watduhdamhell Sep 23 '22

The only way to make sure you kill all the interior races and such, the way he envisioned, is to conquer the world. I mean, really. If he didn't conquest for it all, it meant being okay with interiors living happily for however long. He just couldn't have that.

Luckily he was far too tunnel-visioned over his hatred to realize the long game would have been the right play, even if it meant allowing the hated to live for a while longer.

What a combination of POS/psychopath/warmonger/fascist. I mean, really. He may be the worst person to have ever lived with real power... and hopefully, it stays that way.


u/idlefritz Sep 23 '22

Happens to me every time I play Civilization too.


u/oijsef Sep 23 '22

Same for Japan right? If they never attacked the US they could have just enjoyed raping their conquered lands in SE asia.


u/Plenty_Somewhere_762 Sep 23 '22

What a different world....oh wait were back to being worried about Russians and their nuclear weapons. It's 1980 all over again.


u/betterwithsambal Sep 23 '22

?? still would have gotten his ass stomped by the allies. Granted without the soviets to distract them in the eastern front it would have taken a bit longer. But they were stilled doomed because the US and other allies were absolutely smokin in wartime production. Plus it's feasible the allies would have opend another front for them to fight against anyway after Africa and Italy and the western front.


u/DefiantLemur Sep 23 '22

He got those territories during the appeasement period. That was all from before the war. I was saying if he didn't push his luck and the war never happened. The world would have been worse off.


u/werepanda Sep 23 '22

That was not the reason why Hitler started invasion


u/nashedPotato4 Sep 23 '22

"Communism is the problem".


"Because they just slaughtered 20k of our invaders on the Eastern Front."