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u/woby22 Sep 23 '22

The mobilisation is the one of the biggest signals so far that he is failing dreadfully. If anything near the opposite was true he wouldn’t need to mobilise in the first instance. I’m convinced he knows he’s fighting a loosing battle but he’s decided to stick it out and see where it goes, escalate, move the goal posts back, escalate, blame NATO for lack of progress, etc etc repeat repeat. Question is how long will the Russians at the side of him continue to play the same game? Do they all hold the same view as him 100% is there any point at which some of them will say enough is enough we have failed. He’s driving Russia off a cliff with this insane war!


u/VegPicker Sep 23 '22

Yeah, besides how immoral and terrible this war is, it's also super embarrassing for him.