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u/kreschatka Sep 23 '22

Stalingrad/Volgograd is almost 3000 km from Berlin. That’s a long supply line especially in 1940s. Ukraine is on its own turf. And if they can get ATACMS. They can wreck the supply lines.


u/Dense-Nectarine2280 Sep 23 '22

The germans did so much wrong in the Russian campaign.

They allready had Poland and most of Ukrain, they could go for Moscow, but chose stalingrad instead, out of spite I think. Hitler hated Stalin. The problem was, when that plan didn't work, Hitler just abandonded the whole campaign, and made sure noone in germany found out.


u/kreschatka Sep 23 '22

Plus the Germans were fighting on two fronts.


u/Dense-Nectarine2280 Sep 23 '22

True. A bad move. They also failed in securing the oil fields of Azerbaijan. So they also went out of fuel


u/Kaymish_ Sep 23 '22

They really needed the oilfields in the caucuses; it would have been a double blow. Reducing the fuel available to the Soviets and giving the Germans a fuel injection they desperately needed.


u/SiarX Sep 23 '22

They went for Moscow in 1941, in did not work. They went for Stalingrad in 1942 because it was critically important for succesful Baku (i.e. capturing oil fields) campaign and cutting off water supply through Volga.