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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/LaPlataPig Sep 23 '22

Russia is forcing conscription into an already ill trained and ill equipped military, just as Autumn starts. Assuming it takes a month to get these troops "trained" and sent to the front lines, the soldiers will only have one month until the freezing weather starts. At that point, this will be less of an army and more of a rabble. Any commander who is unpopular will get fragged, and any local Ukrainian residents will be at the mercy of desperate and angry Russians with guns. I think we've got plenty of horrors yet to come.


u/A_giant_dog Sep 23 '22

They said the conscripts will not go until they finish training in the spring.

Whether there will still be a war in the spring, or the same Russian government, or if they decide 3 days of training is plenty after all, I have no idea.


u/LaPlataPig Sep 23 '22

Holding conscripts for months, over New Year Holiday and Orthodox Christmas doesn’t come across as a great idea either. Then again, this whole thing has turned into one of, if not, the biggest geopolitical blunders I’ve ever witnessed in my life. The Russian economy is tanked, they’re losing ground in Ukraine, they made Zelensky a hero and pushed Ukraine and Moldova right into the EU, Gazprom will lose the European market, and even Georgia is talking about taking back land Russia seized in 2008.