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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/krokodil40 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy

There are 140 millions of russians, 25 millions of them are able to serve. Let's assume 10% of them love Putin, want to fight and are dumb. That's already 2.5 millions, more than enough. Russia will mobilise more than enough soldiers, but they will not make any difference, cause the winter and not enough equipment for them. Limited protests will not change a thing.

If you are russian that wants to avoid the mobilisation: don't open the doors, lay low, delete gosuslugi and sberbank apps. There are enough people that will willingly mobilise, just do go when they want you to come. Change your flat, they need to give you the letter right in your hands and they don't check addresses often. You can cross the border into several countries, do it.

Не открывайте двери, удалите прилаги, не используйте мобильные телефоны. Если повестку дали вашей жене, родителям или детям - выбрасывайте. На работе удаленку. Шлите нахуй. СИЗО лучше войны


u/Cloudboy9001 Sep 23 '22

Why is this upvoted? There is no need for this hypothetical 2.5M number when there are reports of recruiting from homeless shelters and prisons (with video evidence of the latter). Clearly few Russians want to die in this bogus war.


u/dilloj Sep 23 '22

How are they going to pay these 2.5 million? Transport them? Arm them? Train them?

It's an absolute fantasy.


u/vitaminkombat Sep 23 '22

Not only that. It would mean 2.5 million quitting their jobs.

So many sudden vacancies would be hard for the economy to deal with.

I assume most younger men work in Infrastructure and agriculture. Which are the two areas you don't want a mass quitting.


u/RosemaryFocaccia Sep 23 '22

A lot of Russians lost their jobs when Western countries exited. If they are claiming any sort of unemployment benefit they will be on government records. Easy for Putin's regime to select fighting age males from that list and mail them.


u/vitaminkombat Sep 23 '22

I am surprised Russia has any unemployment benefit .

I'm from a socialist / communist country and we don't have any government assistance for the unemployed. It doesn't really fit with our political ideology. I always viewed it as a western thing.


u/Tyhgujgt Sep 23 '22



u/Cloudboy9001 Sep 23 '22

They tried that. Conscription is when pay and ideology fails.


u/DisposableMiner Sep 23 '22

You still pay conscripts.


u/Alexander_Granite Sep 23 '22

My guess it less than the normal troop. They had the chance to sign up with bonuses. Why waste the money when they don’t have a choice?

The Russian government said the first group so be young with military and combat experience. Why do they need to be trained?


u/RayTracing_Corp Sep 23 '22

You do realise far bigger armies have been raised in history?

WW2 had times when million man field armies were made from scratch in mere months. This isn’t some unprecedented task. They might be able to do it.


u/dilloj Sep 23 '22

Sure, but if you look at the track record of the prepared Russian army, which has been mobilizing in that region since 2014, I think that record is pretty laughable.