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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/dawko29 Sep 22 '22

He's seen some WW2 docs about what Soviet rifles they've used and was like "this is why they won!". Plus no Ukrainian would look at mosin and be like, heck yeah, that's the gun I'll loot.


u/Thomasasia Sep 23 '22

Maybe as a trophy. Mosins are pretty legendary, even though the design is 100 years old


u/Dt2_0 Sep 23 '22

Up until a few years ago they were dirt cheap here in the States. Lots of people picked up Mosins as dirt cheap deer rifles.


u/snuff3r Sep 23 '22

Would love to pick one up but I haven't seen many around in Australia.


u/Dt2_0 Sep 23 '22

Dumb American speaking, IIRC Aus has some extremely strict firearm laws right? I know deactivated firearms can be kept in some places with strict laws, but I was under the impression is was next to impossible to own firearms in Aus?


u/SmallBewilderedDuck Sep 23 '22

I feel like the way our Aus gun laws are interpreted in America is that regulated = banned and that's just not how it is. As teenager I did clay target shooting for school sport. Every week they gave a bunch of dumb teenagers shotguns for an afternoon, but it was well supervised and the rules were drummed into us first. My dad has always had registered guns locked safely in a gun safe, although he did have to surrender some when that type of gun was banned. Absolutely there is strict gun regulation in Australia enforced to varying degrees depending on exactly where you live, but so there should be for anything that can kill people, just like we do for things like cars, food safety, etc.


u/DryCourage74 Sep 23 '22

Nobody on the USA surrendering even a dam bullet


u/snuff3r Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I own two rifles. Pretty easy to get but there are rules, like storage inspections, etc. I can own shotguns with my current class of license (A/B)

Handguns are a pain to get, you need to basically be a sports competitor to own one and need to register and attend an insane amount of competitions each year to maintain the license. So, most people don't bother. There are f-all handgun owners in Australia afaik,

Auto and semis (rifles) are strictly prohibited.


u/Admirable-Emu4065 Sep 23 '22

Just to add my two cents. I have one rifle simply because I'm a country bloke and was raised with guns being more freely available before the 1996 law changes. However, I couldn't even say when I used it last and may never use it again. In fact, the last few times I've used firearms since 1999/2000 they weren't even mine and I was simply out with others and took a few shots to check where my aim was at. I certainly don't need one for protection and all those other bullshit excuses. - We suffered a break in on 6th Sept 2022 (two weeks ago) and the pricks stole our 4wd by finding the keys while we slept. I'm thankful that firearms weren't part of that event at all thanks to Australian gun laws. I can also guarantee that the protection argument is mostly bullshit because the arseholes never do anything when you're ready for it. Plus, if I'd woken up and they stuck around long enough for me to unlock and load my rifle, I may be in prison for manslaughter instead of sitting on the toilet reading reddit posts.

It's still fairly easy to obtain certain firearms in Australia, but the limitations are enough to prevent most of the garbage the rest of the world associates with America, such as mass shootings.


u/3030tank Sep 23 '22

Absolutely two cents worth.


u/ZephkielAU Sep 23 '22

Far from. We can absolutely own guns for recreational use, hunting, collection, and defending property from wildlife, etc., what we can't do is go to an expo and purchase a bunch of assault rifles to go into a half-secured gun safe (or drawer?) that our kids can take to show and tell.


I'd also love to own a Mosin Nagant (my favourite firearm) but for now I just use bows for everything and haven't really looked into it.


u/dddavyyy Sep 23 '22

Nah, you just need a licence - just a couple of hoops to jump. There's restrictions on what you can own depending on your need (like if you just go to a clay target club you can only get firearms in that class, whereas a farmer that needs to cull wild pigs will need a different class, people in pistol clubs are licenced to keep pistols etc.). Old man keeps a number of WW1 and WW2 rifles and bayonets, not Russian though I doubt there is a reason he couldn't if he wanted. Not to say our laws don't have some over the top aspects and arbitrary restrictions (like do air rifles and gel blasters really need the same licence as a .22), but for the most part people here are pretty happy with the licencing requirements and heavy restrictions on semi-auto/high capacity. Tldr - nah, it's easy to get a firearm, just join a hunting club online or any other club (or get a mate with a property say you can shoot on it) and get a licence, but you're not going to get some of the sexy stuff our freedom loving American friends can get.


u/AnnoyedOwlbear Sep 23 '22

Not a dumb question - there was a mass NRA beatup a while back about our gun laws, and they shoved it into every media outlet they could manage. I watched it from afar with bewilderment. As a result of its success, I keep hearing we can't have firearms from US folks.

'You can't own firearms in Australia' is gun nut propaganda. You absolutely can. But there is regulation, storage, and purpose to consider, and we are WELL aware our completed suicide attempt rate dropped heavily when the laws on assault rifles came into place.

TLDR: We can have guns. Easily. There's multiple shooting ranges in the city I live in.


u/Tipsy-Canoe Sep 23 '22

I picked one up here in the states, it had come straight from Moscow apparently. Bayonet, sling, ammo pouches, and oil canisters all for $180.


u/snuff3r Sep 23 '22

Holy crap. I just googled and prices vary vastly depending on condition.. but you're looking at AUD600-2000 here, rifle only.

There's a fucking sweeeet looking Lithgow MkIII I just found but $2500.. eek.


u/buzzardhawkk Sep 23 '22

Think you have to scuba dive for those