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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to 'protest' and 'fight back' against Putin's draft if they 'want to survive' Russia/Ukraine



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u/sanguine_sea Sep 23 '22

My fiance is stuck in Moscow as we cannot get her visa renewal approved. Now things are looking more hopeless than ever. She is all alone because everyone around her believes the propoganda.

She told me today she is starting to question whether there is something wrong with her because she doesn't feel the way everyone else does...I am her only real connection to the outside world, other than her VPN which she uses to see what's really going on.

I don't know what to do, I have contacted my local MP but I feel so helpless. She has fallen out with family and friends because she vehemently disagrees with the regime, but everyone around is drinking the kool aid and spew "facts" she can't refute, because she doesn't have them memorized and ready to fire off.


u/Latter_Box9967 Sep 23 '22

Russians React to Partial Mobilisation

YouTube is still available in Russia. They say because there’d be a revolution if mothers didn’t have an endless feed of cartoons and such for their kids.


u/SiarX Sep 23 '22

I dont really get why, honestly. Putin is ok with general mobilisation but not banning Youtube???