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u/uiucecethrowaway999 Sep 23 '22 edited Jun 01 '23

It’s far worse than a Vietnam, and in more relevant comparison, far worse than the Soviet Union’s Afghan misadventures.

The US military was never defeated in a sizeable military engagement in the Vietnam War. In fact, the power balance between the US military and the North Vietnamese/Viet Cong wildly skewed in favor of the US, and even then, the US was only partially committed to involvement in the war throughout the duration of its involvement in it.

Similarly, the Soviets massively outgunned the Afghan mujahideen in Afghanistan. The images preserved in public memory of insurgents shooting down scores of Soviet aircraft with ease using American Stingers are misrepresentative of the conflict. The mujahideen spent far more time getting blown up by the Soviets than they did inflicting this same treatment upon the Soviets. The Soviets left because their country’s economy was in the shitter and they weren’t exactly succeeding at winning over to Soviet communism the Afghans - who time after time, have consistently been shown to give zero shits about the foreign political ideologies. After all, what do communism and capitalism mean to a country that has not gone through an industrial revolution?

The Russians (and their predecessor in the form of the Soviet Union) have not suffered military defeats of this scale since WW2. Their failures in Chechnya and Afghanistan have nothing on their debacle in Ukraine. If we are to draw a historical comparison - and I usually eschew the generalizing cliche that history repeats - perhaps this is their next 1905?


u/LordAwesomesauce Sep 23 '22

The Russo-Japanese war. Japan kicked their ass and announced their arrival as a world power.


u/gimpwiz Sep 23 '22

Funnily enough, as the Russians prepared to fight the Japanese, they were so confident that - the direct(ish) translation is that they would win by "throwing their hats [at them.]"


u/jametron2014 Sep 23 '22

And thus, Odd Job was born. Followed closely by his descendant, Random Task.